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    Doctor Strange 2 Unused Concept Art Shows Stephen And His Sister As Children

    Concept artist, Darrell Warner, took to social media to reveal unused concept art of Doctor Strange, also known as Stephen Strange. The image art revealed Stephen’s sister, Donna Strange, teasing a deleted scene from ‘Doctor Strange 2.‘ 

    Released in early May, the movie proved to be a huge success, after accumulating $950 million at the box office, the second after ‘Top Gun: Maverick.‘ The movie follows Stephen wandering in the multiverse, attempting to find America Chavez, an internal-dimensional being.

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    Which Scene Was The Concept Art Planned For In Doctor Strange 2?

    Concept art by Darrell Warner reveals a flashback scene in Doctor Strange 2 which couldn't make it to the movie
    Sinister Strange

    After Wanda locates and captures America Chavez, she sends Stephen Strange into an incursion-destroyed world, where he meets an alternate darker version of himself. He is challenged to prove that he really is Doctor Strange and not some vicious trick. This is when he reveals that he has a younger sister, Donna Strange, who died when the two were children.

    The catastrophic event happened when the two were playing on an ice-frozen land, but Donna falls into the cold water and Doctor Strange fails in saving her. This entire scene was originally planned to be in the movie. However, it got rejected in early production.

    Darrell Warner’s Art Depicts Deleted Flashback Scene From ‘The Multiverse Of Madness’

    Donna Strange, Stephen's sister and him as children
    Donna Strange, Stephen’s sister and him as children

    Darrell Warner, the international award-winning artist and illustrator, took to Instagram to share one of the earliest concept art of Doctor Strange 2. The series of sketched art shows Stephen Strange and a similar featured young girl, Donna Strange, his sister.


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    The Strange siblings are wearing winter clothes, and the background behind them depicts a winter season, with a bright moon. The background suggests that the flashback might have been planned to occur during the nighttime. In the caption of the post, Warner shares how this art was visioned according to an early script by writer-director Scott Derrickson. When Sam Raimi joined as the new director for the sequel, this scene was dropped off.

    Thanks to Warner, we got a slight glimpse of what else was planned for the movie. However, live-action unfurling of the accident, Stephen’s reaction to it will remain a mystery.

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