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    Fans Disappointed After Marvel Allegedly Green Flags ‘Thor 5’ With Taika Waititi Returning To Direct The Film

    Chris Hemsworth’s Thor recently hit a milestone, being the only Marvel superhero who got a solo project extending beyond a trilogy. Thor 5 is reportedly under development at the Marvel Studios, the project being helmed by Taika Waiti. After successfully directing ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ Waititi reprised his directorial duties for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ as well as co-wrote the script with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson.

    ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ was a bit divisive among the fanbase. The fans could never get enough of watching Chris Hemsworth play the Asgardian hero, but the comedic elements wore a little thin for some viewers. And now Taiki Waititi will return to direct Thor 5, fans hope that the director sticks to the fan’s expectations.

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    Taiki Waititi Will Return To Direct ‘Thor 5’

    Taika Waititi
    Taika Waititi

    During the interview for Thor: Love and Thunder The Official Movie Special  Taika Waitit ignited speculation online. MyTimeToShineHello says that the “MCU sequel is currently in development. They report that Taiki Waititi is not yet inked to return. But, he hasn’t been ruled out either. Likely due to the writer’s and actors’ strikes, no contracts can be signed and nothing can be made official. Marvel fans were very rattled by the rumors after so long with no word on what was coming next for the franchise.”

    In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chris Hemsworth said he had “no idea what’s going on with the character in the next installment”. Hemsworth hasn’t signed anything at the moment and there’s no director attached. the Waititi-Hemsworth reunites for Thor 5.

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    Taiki Waititi Wants Thor To Face A Stronger Villian

    Hela pushing the Gauntlet to prove it fake in the Thor:Ragnarok
    Hela pushing the Gauntlet to prove it fake in the ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

    In Thor Ragnarok, The son of Odin faces Hela, Odin’s firstborn who is one of the strongest villains in the MCU. It was only when the towering Fire Demon known as Surtur was reborn that the Asgardian Goddess of Death was finally killed, though it came at the cost of Asgard itself. So Taika Waititi wants to unleash someone even more powerful than Hela in Thor 5 

    During the interview, Taika Waititi said, “What is left to do to him? It’s got to be something that feels like it’s carrying on with the evolution of the character, but still in a very fun way and still giving him things to come up against that feel like they’re building on the obstacles that he has to overcome. I don’t think we can have a villain that’s weaker than Hela. I feel like we need to step up from there and add a villain that’s somehow more formidable.”

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