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    How MCU’s Jane Foster Is Different From Her Thor Comic Book Counterpart

    Thor: Love and Thunder is currently in theaters and is ruling the box office. Adapted from the Marvel comic we see Thor returning to action and recruiting Valkyrie (Thompson), Korg (Waititi), and Jane Foster (Portman) to stop Gorr the God Butcher (Bale) from eliminating all gods.

    As MCU has never been a stickler for comic accuracy, especially for its characters. Here’s a list of differences between Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster in the movie and in the comic.

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    Jane’s Broken Mjolnir

    Jane holding her Mjolnir
    Jane holding her Mjolnir

    Unlike the comics, Jane’s Mjolnir is completely shattered in the movie. The hammer is held together by its magic. It is now capable of reforming itself. Ironically, Mjolnir is now far more useful. It now has a lot more utility as a weapon.

    The hammer splits apart into dozens of nigh-indestructible shrapnel and acts as an incredibly powerful AoE attack. Think of the shrapnel as a bunch of mini Mjolnirs flying around. In a scene, it was used to crush a monster’s head by reforming around it.

    Lady Thor A Nurse In One And An Astrophysicist In Another

    In the comics, Jane Foster was a nurse. She met Thor’s alter-ego, Donald Blake when she was assisting him with his disability. During this time their romance was first kindled. In contrast, Jane Foster in the MCU is an accomplished astrophysicist.

    As an astrophysicist, Jane shows a lot of interest in discovering new things. When healed with Asgardian tech, she was more fascinated by the technology than her own imminent death. By the time she becomes the wielder of Mjolnir, she’s authored two best-selling physics books.

    Thor’s Rekindled Romance With Jane Foster

    Thor & Jane
    Thor & Jane

    By the time Jane Foster became Lady Thor, she had long broken up with Thor. Unlike the comics, however, their romance is sparked once more. With the inevitability of their quest in the Shadowrealm, both Jane and Thor decide to be honest with each other.

    In the comics, Jane Foster and Thor didn’t rekindle their romance. She fell in love with a comics-only character, Dr. Keith Kincaid, who also happens to be the Avengers’ staff doctor. However, Jane and Thor do remain friends, and arguably closer than before due to Mjolnir.

    Jane And Valkyrie’s Friendship

    Lady Thor and Valkyrie
    Lady Thor and Valkyrie

    In the comics, Jane Foster and Valkyrie do not have much interaction. Other than participating in a few fights together, they don’t really have a friendship. Not so in ‘Love and Thunder,’ where the characters have an immediate rapport with each other.

    More interestingly, there’s a distinct possibility for the MCU to have two Valkyries very soon. In the comics, Brunnhilde (the real name of Valkyrie in the comics) died. Jane Foster was then offered the position of Valkyrie. It will be interesting to see a living Valkyrie and a ghostly one.

    Protector Of Asgard

    Jane Foster
    Jane Foster

    While timeframes are vague in ‘Thor 2′, it’s deduced from Valkyrie’s quips that Lady Thor has been active for at least a few months. It makes sense because Jane would not nearly be as skilled with Mjolnir as she is without practice.

    Most of her experience seems to stem from guarding New Asgard. In the comics, she was actually a senator in Asgardia, New Asgard’s comic counterpart. Unlike the comics, Jane is basically a full-time protector. In the MCU, she also never got to be part of the Avengers (as Lady Thor).

    Battles Gorr The God Butcher

    Battles Gorr
    Battles Gorr

    Much like in the comic ‘Thor: God of Thunder,’ Jane Foster has been diagnosed with stage four cancer when Gorr the God Butcher started building his god bomb. Unlike in the comics, Jane got Mjolnir well before MCU Gorr’s plans to kill the gods would come to fruition.

    In fact, they trade blows several times throughout the movie. Almost every time, Gorr finds himself held back by the assault of her hammer. Interestingly, Gorr and Jane are the same in one aspect. As Gorr points out, their respective weapons are the only things keeping them alive.

    Destroys Necrosword

    Gorr's Necrosword
    Gorr’s Necrosword

    In a major change from the comics, it is not Thor who destroys the Necrosword, but Jane Foster’s Thor. With the help of Thor, they manage to shatter the Necrosword. However, it quickly starts reforming. Using Mjolnir’s fragments, it reforms around the remnants of the Necrosword.

    With a mighty charge and swing, Jane Foster becomes the destroyer of the Necrosword. However, at the cost of her own life. As Mjolnir’s energy was spent on destroying the Necrosword. Jane dies in Thor’s arms, as a worthy warrior of Valhalla.

    Does Not Come Back To Life

    Jane dies as a true warrior
    Jane dies as a true warrior

    In the comics, Jane Foster also succumbed to her cancer after a great battle. There, Thor used the God Tempest to resurrect Jane. Odin, seeing the worthiness of Jane Foster, decided to help, and that was how Jane was returned to life.

    In the movie, Odin is long gone. Thor himself doesn’t have anything resembling the God Tempest. All he can do is comfort Jane as she passes on to Valhalla. Although, if Heimdall’s words to her at the end of the film are any indication, Jane will still be present as a new Valkyrie.

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