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    “That Was The Nicest Thing”: Hugh Jackman’s Failed Wolverine Audition Earned Him A Steak Dinner From Kevin Feige And He Thought They’d Never Meet Again

    It’s not easy being Marvel’s Wolverine and no one knows it better than Hugh Jackman himself. The actor who is playing Wolverine in the highly anticipated upcoming film ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ talked about how he failed his first audition to play the character and how Kevin Feige, in a surprisingly sweet gesture had a steak dinner with him.

    The film, which unites Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool and Jackman’s Wolverine has been brewing with anticipation for weeks as fans can’t stop theorizing what the project will bring up. Here’s everything you need to know about the film and more on Jackman’s steak dinner with Feige.

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    Hugh Jackman And Kevin Feige’s Steak Dinner

    Kevin Feige and Hugh Jackman
    Kevin Feige and Hugh Jackman

    Hugh Jackman revealed being asked to audition for the Wolverine role in 1999, but the role had already been offered to Dougray Scott at the time. Speaking to, Entertainment Weekly, the actor remembered having to recite lines for screenwriter Tom DeSantos and director Bryan Singer, saying, “He’s just going, ‘Quiet… Quieter… Quieter.’ By the end, I couldn’t even hear myself. I could tell he was like, Why on my lunch hour am I auditioning some guy for a part that I’ve already cast? He was pissed off.”

    Jackman felt that his audition had been a waste of time after what appeared to be a poor attempt. As a kind gesture, Feige offered to take him out for a steak meal as a way to lift his spirits before letting him go. Talking about it, Hugh said, “I said, ‘Kevin, we all know I’m not getting the part. You don’t have to do dinner. But no, he sat in there and had a steak dinner with me and then drove me to the airport. I’ll never forget it. That was the nicest thing. I thought, ‘I’ll never see him again.'”

    Well, thankfully, Jackman was proven wrong as he is all set to star in the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine

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    ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’ Has “Universe-Sized” Stakes

    Deadpool and Wolverine
    ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ still

    ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ is already expected to be among the summer’s greatest-grossing productions; it may even end up being the year’s largest release and the best-grossing R-rated picture ever. Now that the excitement for Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ MCU road trip is almost here—a $200 million opening weekend box office is anticipated. Kevin Feige believes the movie contains “universe-sized” stakes for the MCU.

    Apart from that, fans are buzzing with theories of a possible Taylor Swift cameo and more surprises that will connect other Marvel characters.

    The film is set to release on 26th July.

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