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    “I’ll Always Want To Do More”: Tom Holland Says He Owes His Life And Career To Spider-Man, Talks About A Fourth Movie

    Tom Holland‘s passion for portraying Spider-Man goes beyond just rocking the stunning suit. Despite being known for several other hit movies like ‘Cherry’ and ‘The Devil All The Time’ Holland has always talked about his gratitude for being cast as Marvel’s Spider-Man.

    Tom’s attitude towards being a part of such hit Marvel films has always been full of humbleness and gratitude. Additionally, his on and off-screen chemistry with his girlfriend Zendaya makes the films even better. He recently talked about donning the Spidey suit again.

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    Tom Holland Claims He Will Never Not Want To Play Spider-Man

    Tom Holland as Spider-Man
    Tom Holland as Spider-Man

    In an interview with Deadline, Tom Holland was asked about his plans for future projects including the Spider-Man movies. As we all know Tom’s love for Spider-Man his answer was straight up. “The simple answer is that I’ll always want to do Spider-Man films. I owe my life and career to Spider-Man. So the simple answer is yes. I’ll always want to do more,” Tom said.

    Tom further talked about the production and writing process for the fourth Spider-Man film. He revealed that the best people in the business were working on making the upcoming film perfect as they didn’t want to ruin the impact of the third film (Spider-Man: No Way Home).

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    Tom Holland On The Creative Process Of ‘Spider-Man 4’

    Tom Holland as Spider-Man
    Tom Holland as Spider-Man

    Tom Holland reflected on his involvement in the creative process of the fourth Spider-Man film. He talked about how for the first time he was part of the creative process of filming the movie pretty early on. “This is the first time in this process that I’ve been part of the creative so early,” he said.

    He explained that the process is serving as a lesson for him but in a fun way. “It’s just a process where I’m watching and learning. It’s just a really fun stage for me,” Tom added. , He even talked about planning several other projects after the writers get the time they need. 

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