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    “He Did That On A Very Public Stage”: ‘Captain America 4’ Star Anthony Mackie Plans To Take Revenge From Tom Holland For Roasting Him For Not Having His Solo Marvel Movie

    Anthony Mackie and Tom Holland have a teasing game going on. Earlier Mackie didn’t have his own Marvel movie which became the reason for him getting bullied in a friendly manner by his fellow MCU star Tom Holland. But now as Mackie is all set for his own Marvel movie, he has made plans to take revenge from Tom Holland.

    While talking with EW, Mackie explained how he was going to take revenge on Peter Parker publicly. He wants Holland to watch the premiere of his upcoming movie ‘Captain America: Brave New World‘ with him. Anthony said, “He did that on a very public stage, so I’m going to hold that till the premiere. I’m going to make sure that Marvel makes him come to the premiere, and then I’m going to sit him next to me, and I’m going to watch him watch the movie.”

    The sarcastic poke started back in 2021 when Tom Holland while promoting his movie Spider-Man: No Way Home commented on Mackie not having his own Marvel movie. But it seems now that he is also going to have his standalone movie series as the successor of Captain America.

    Also, during an interview with, Holland mockingly said how Falcon (Anthony Mackie’s Marvel character) had his series but still he had to share his screen with Sebastian Stan’s Buckey Barnes.

    Holland quipped, “He hasn’t got his own movie yet. He got a TV show, but he didn’t get his own movie. Also, it’s called ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier,’ it’s not called ‘The Falcon.’ I saw that online, everyone was like ‘Anthony Mackie says Tom Holland’s eating his words.’ I’m not eating my words. I said, ‘there is no Falcon movie.’ There isn’t one.” Well, now it’s Mackie’s turn to show Holland his standalone movie.

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    What Is ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ About?

    Glimpse of the new Captain America
    Glimpse of the new Captain America

    Avengers, it’s time to assemble! Anthony Mackie played the role of Sam Wilson in ‘Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ which concluded in 2021. Now Sam has embraced the idea of becoming a successor to Captain America as a black man in America. The movie picks up with a different storyline with his new role as a cop.

    Footage of the new movie was also premiered at the Cinema Con, eith a scene at the White House and a thunderbolt Summoning Sam, who is now the President. The clip had various scenes that might excite a Marvel fan. The movie is all set to release on February 14, 2025.

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