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    Top 10 Best Friendships In MCU

    Currently, MCU can be counted as one of the most profitable franchises. Since 2008, the franchise has released many installments and most of them have received good response from the audience. The MCU films have managed to earn over a million and a billion at the box office.

    Normally people don’t like to connect with this kind of film if they don’t have any relationship angle. In the last fifteen years MCU films have witnessed many friendships and some of them have caught the attention of the audience. Today we will some best friendships from MCU movies.

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    1. Doctor Strange And Wong                     

    Doctor Strange and Wong

    The friendship between Doctor Strange and Wong is one of the most famous friendships among MCU lovers. Doctor Strange and Wong are the lead characters of Doctor Strange,’ which was released in 2016. Doctor Strange met the sorcerer Wong when he was serving as the keeper of the ancient books of Kamar-Taj and the friendship has begun.

    2. Drax And Mantis

    Drax & Mantis

    The bond between Drax and newcomer Mantis is one of the best parts of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.’ The first one is honest and blunt and although the latter is naive, she also has a lot of kindness and empathy. The relationship later proves to be something that has been decided by fate a long time ago.

    3. Hawkeye And Kate Bishop

    Hawkeye & Kate Bishop

    ‘Hawkeye’ can be considered one of the best MCU TV shows to date. The show has mostly been praised for the relationship between the calm and stoic Clint Barton and the energetic Kate Bishop. Their opposite nature makes them more fun to watch together.

    4. Bucky Barnes And Sam Wilson

    Bucky Barnes & Sam Wilson

    Bucky and Sam’s relationship is another famous friendship in MCU films. Although their relationship was a bit funnier at the start of ‘The Winter Soldier’ and Civil Warbut later it got developed and they became best biddies.

    5. Shang-Chi And Katy Chen

    Shang-Chi & Katy Chen

    MCU’s ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ introduced a new superhero and Shang-Chi is one of them. Apart from that the film’s storyline offers an incredibly fun platonic friendship between the protagonist and his long-time friend Katy.

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    6. Rocket Raccoon And Groot

    Rocket Raccoon & Groot

    Rocket and Groot are the original best friends in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. They met in prison and have been inseparable partners in crime ever since.

    7. Captain America And Bucky Barnes

    Captain America & Bucky Barnes

    The friendship between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes has been the oldest in the franchise as it started back in ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ in 2011. The duo’s history also features a poetic sense of progression.

    8. Star-Lord And Rocket Raccoon

    Star-Lord & Rocket Raccoon

    There are so many interesting friendships available in MCU and the bond between Peter Quill and Rocket is one of them. Peter and Rocket always clash to boost the team to the finish line.

    9. Hawkeye And Black Widow

    Hawkeye & Black Widow

    Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff already have a mysterious past where they have been good friends. Their interactions were first spotted inThe Avengers,’ released in 2012. The pairing eventually became an important part of the franchise and at one point, they were also confronting each other in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ in 2016.

    10. Captain America And Iron Man

    Captain America & Iron Man

    Tony Stark and Steve Rogers initially had problems with each other when they first met. However, fans were happy to see that they were slowly getting along with each other and working together to become the strongest leaders among the Earth’s mightiest heroes.

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