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    Marvel Is Ready To Kill Deadpool In An ‘Insane’ New Era Move

    The Merc with a Mouth is officially getting silenced..or is he? Marvel Comics just dropped a bombshell announcement that will leave Deadpool fans reeling. According to the announcement, Wade Wilson is slated to die in issue #6 of the ongoing Deadpool series. 

    Additionally, this shocking turn of events promises a “new era” for the series, but with Deadpool, is anything ever permanent? Will this be the true end of Deadpool, or is it simply a clever marketing ploy to usher in a new chapter?

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    Who Kills Deadpool?

    Deadpool getting punched to death by Death Grip
    Deadpool getting punched to death by Death Grip

    The upcoming demise of the Merc isn’t coming completely out of left field. Issue #6 marks the culmination of a story arc that’s seen Wade grapple with a recent breakup while simultaneously facing off against the villainous Death Grip, a cult leader with a particular obsession with ending Deadpool’s immortality. 

    Series writer Cody Ziglar isn’t shying away from the audacity of the move. “We wanted to push the boundaries,” Ziglar admitted. “Deadpool’s whole thing is that he can’t die. So, what happens when he does?” Artist Rogê Antônio added, “Let’s just say Death Grip isn’t messing around this time.” 

    The issue’s cover art speaks volumes. It features a grim-faced Wade, sprawled on the ground with Death Grip’s hand literally punching a hole through his chest. The accompanying tagline reads, “This is the first issue of a new era, and killing Deadpool NOW would be an INSANE thing to do. Which is exactly why we’re doing it.” Moreover, Marvel seems to be reveling in the irony, toying with fan expectations. 

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    The End Or Perhaps A New Beginning Awaits Wade Wilson

    Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
    Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

    This isn’t the first time Deadpool has “died” in the comics. The character’s healing factor and fourth-wall-breaking humor often lead to outrageous storylines that defy conventional narrative rules. In fact, there was even a series titled ‘Deadpool: Dead’ that explored the concept of his mortality.

    So, should we take this death at face value? Comic book history is littered with characters who meet their apparent demise only to return later, often with a sarcastic quip and a fresh costume. Additionally, knowing Wade’s penchant for breaking the fourth wall, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he somehow addresses his own death from beyond the grave, maybe even critiquing the sales ploy.

    However, Ziglar remains coy about what exactly lies beyond issue #6. “We can’t reveal too much,” he teases, “but let’s just say this ‘death’ will have significant ramifications for the future of the series. New characters will be introduced, and the power dynamics of the Deadpool universe will be irrevocably altered.”

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