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    MCU Fans Spot Some Weird Things In Post-Thanos Universe And We Can’t Look Past Them

    After ‘Avengers: Endgame’ the post-Thanos universe started for MCU. Recently fans have noticed something off in the universe. Apparently, they are trying to promote the villains and not the superheroes.

    The observation of the whole thing was by a Reddit user who described all the things which were odd. Although some fans even tried to give real-life instances to justify it, things are still strange. Here is what we know about the whole matter.

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    Everything That’s Going On With MCU

    Reddit user Spotted it all
    Reddit user spotted it all

    The u/Salty-Personality-11 shared their observation of all the odd things in MCU after Thanos. The post read “I find it very odd that tragic events that took place in the MCU are given light-hearted nods in more recent shows and movies. In Ms. Marvel, at AvengerCon, there is someone dressed up at LOKI? Like… yeah we the viewers like Loki, but in their universe they should not like him at all. He terrorized New York, killed lots of people! No one at AvengerCon was giving that guy the suspicious side-eye?”

    It further continued, “And the Infinity Conez in Thor Love and Thunder? Like why immortalize the gauntlet that was responsible for the decimation of the Asgardian population? It would’ve made sense to make it Tony’s version of the gauntlet but why the one that belonged to Thanos? I just feel like these things that are supposed to have lasting affects on people in the MCU are used as jokes. The people should be traumatized, sensitive at least. But nope! LOL big infinity stone gauntlet holding ice cream cone!

    Fans Try To Justify The Odd Things In Post-Thanos Universe

    Fans trying to justify the odd things in post-Thanos universe
    Fans are trying to justify the odd things in the post-Thanos universe

    Some fans tried to justify all these with real-life events. Some people pointed to stores and industries in countries that relied on the bad side of history to earn a profit. Not only that, they also pointed out how dressing up as negative people in conventions is normal in the real world.

    Other people have pointed out that it was a cosplay of Mantis is AvengerCon and not Loki. One fan compared the events to the post-9/11 experience. They believed that what MCU portrayed is similar to people “making peace signs” and “taking selfies” at the Memorial Pools.

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