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    ‘Ms. Marvel’ Post-Credits Twist Includes A Cameo From Captain Marvel. What Does It Mean?

    The post-credits scene of ‘Ms. Marvel‘ reveals an exciting cameo. The finale episode of the superhero series features an exciting MCU walk-on taking place sometime after the season’s climactic battle where Kamala Khan saved the day. She became a true hero in the eyes of New Jersey. It seems things won’t be getting back to normal for the titular teen hero anytime soon.

    As seen in the new post-credits scene, Kamala’s powerful bangle brought someone very important to her bedroom while it may have also sent her somewhere else entirely.

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    Captain Marvel Makes Her Long-Awaited Cameo In ‘Ms. Marvel’

    Captain Marvel in Kamala's bedroom
    Captain Marvel in Kamala’s bedroom

    In ‘Ms. Marvel’s episode 6, Kamala Khan returns from her trip to Pakistan just in time to help her friend Kamran get to safety and escape the DODC. As he now has powers of his own from the Noor Dimension. Kamran becomes much more aggressive and unstable upon learning about the death of his mother Najma. She was the leader of the Djinn known as the ClanDestines. However, Kamala was able to unlock more of her power to keep Kamran from hurting people, while also buying him enough time to escape (with help from her friends and family).

    After this incredibly eventful evening, a week goes by before Kamala is seen lying on her bed during the series’ post-credits scene. Noticing that her bangle is acting strange, Kamala stands up right before she’s launched into her closet. However, none other than Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel steps out, Kamala’s idol and favorite superhero.

    The Possible Theories Of The Cameo

    Captain Marvel & Ms. Marvel
    Captain Marvel & Ms. Marvel

    Kamala Khan is a shapeshifter in the original comics, whereas Ms. Marvel’s MCU origins and powers are different enough that it’s very unlikely she has the same ability on-screen. As such, she doesn’t transform into Carol Danvers even though it initially looks as though that was the case. Firstly, Carol is wearing her own costume (not Kamala’s). Secondly, if Kamala had unintentionally transformed to look just like her hero, we would have likely seen her running to a mirror and comically touching her face. Instead, we see Carol surveying her new surroundings. It looks as though the genuine Carol Danvers and Ms. Marvel switched places thanks to the power of Kamala’s bangle.

    This also means that Ms. Marvel went to wherever Captain Marvel had been. The exact reason why remains unclear. It should be noted that Ms. Marvel’s bangle was glowing with energy that looked very similar to Captain Marvel’s powerful aura. Additionally, ‘Ms. Marvel ‘episode 3 revealed that a second bangle was never recovered by Ms. Marvel’s great-grandmother Aisha. It’s possible that Carol found the second bangle. It is undoubtedly connected to the one presently in the possession of Kamala. Perhaps Captain Marvel unintentionally activated the second one which resulted in her and Kamala switching places.

    How Do Kamala And Carol Cross Paths?

    Both the superheros have a bangle
    Both the superheroes have a bangle

    Though it is a surprise where Carol might have been before finding herself in Kamala’s room, the odds are strong that she was in space as the greater cosmos beyond Earth is her main territory, protecting the galaxy and worlds with not many heroes. This also means that Captain Marvel returned to space following the battle with Thanos as seen in ‘Avengers: Endgame. 

    The first bangle was discovered on a severed hand of a being that had blue skin. While Djinn is known to have blue skin in myth as well as in the comics. That wasn’t the case with any of the living Djinn seen in the MCU. As such, the blue arm in Ms. Marvel could have belonged to an alien Kree. Not only would this tie to Captain Marvel as well as to Kamala’s original comic origins, but it also supports the idea of the second bangle potentially being in space to be discovered by Carol (leading to her swap with Kamala).

    This could serve as the foundation for why Carol and Kamala cross paths in ‘The Marvels‘, the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel that will see Carol joining forces not only with Kamala but with Monica Rambeau’s Spectrum as well. While Monica and Carol have a prior history and connection point seen in the first ‘Captain Marvel,’ there needs to be something new that motivates Carol and Kamala to come together and team up.

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