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    Moon Knight Actress May Calamawy Reacts To Positive Feedback From Fans

    Marvel,s Moon Knight is receiving a lot of praise for its portrayal of a unique Superhero story. Oscar Isaac, the male lead, plays Marc Spector, Moon Knight, Steven Grant, Mr. Knight, and possibly more of his split personalities in Moon Knight. The series has three episodes so far on Disney+. The show also stars Ethan Hawke, a screen legend, as the main antagonist, Arthur Harrow. May Calamawy, who is best known for the Hulu dramedy Ramy, joins the series as Layla El-Faouly. Of course, starring in a Marvel series on Disney+ is a surefire way to gain new fans, and Calamawy appears to be grateful for the positive feedback.

    How Did May Calamawy React To Marvel’s Post?

    Marvel had shared a post on Instagram with the caption “Gotta love #LaylaElFaouly.” They also asked the fans to watch Marvel Studios’ MoonKnight, which is now streaming on DisneyPlus. Calamawy shared the post on her Instagram stories. May wrote that her heart is so full. She thanked her fans for all their kind and loving words. Calamawy recently explained to that she felt so much pressure in the beginning. As a result of which she was really intimidated because she genuinely didn’t know what would be the best direction for her. Also, she wanted to do justice to all the work that’s been done.

    May’s Quest To The Role’s Perfection

    May Calamawy in Moon Knight
    May Calamawy in Moon Knight

    Every character is so nuanced and rich, that May finds it hard to portray them. She tries to act in such a way that she is able to serve the story and Moon Knight. And also it is important for May to create a character who has her own arc, not just in service of the man. Luckily, she had just incredible people that she was working with, and Layla took a village, May will say that. Calamawy also shared that she has worked many times with Mohammed Diab and his wife. She also appreciated Oscar and Ethan and shared that they were so helpful. May added that her stunt doubles were like, she needed them, you know, so they found her.

    Layla’s Importance In Moon Knight

    May Calamawy in Moon Knight
    May Calamawy in Moon Knight

    “When I auditioned, it was like, ‘Egyptian woman,’ and I was like, ‘I’ll take it,'” Calamawy said. “But it was as we were going along that the mysteries were unfolding, I was just on the ride with it. It was cool.”

    May Calamawy

    Layla is a vital character in Moon Knight’s story, but she’s also on her own journey throughout the series. However, when Calamawy was the first cast in the role, Marvel didn’t provide her with much information. Moon Knight has already proven to be a big hit with both audiences and critics. The new series currently has an 87 percent critics score and a 93 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Adam Barnhardt of rated the show’s premiere a 5 out of 5 and called it Marvel’s “strongest.” Moon Knight producer Grant Curtis recently spoke with Collider about the character’s future possibilities, which he described as “essentially endless.” Moon Knight’s first three episodes are now available to watch on Disney+.

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