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    Ms. Marvel: Disney+ Series Adds A Former MCU Character To The Cast

    Marvel Cinematic Universe has an exciting line-up of films and shows. Recently, Doctor Strange 2 had a magical run at the box office. Thor: Love & Thunder is creating a buzz before its release. In the digital space, Marvel is thriving like no other studio. The recent Moon Knight garnered a great response from the audience on the digital platform Disney+. Fans are very eager to see the young Ms. Marvel.

    The series will be a part of the thread of series and projects leading to the film The Marvels, which follows the events and the aftermath of Brie Larson starrer Captain Marvel. In a rich cast, Iman Vellani plays the protagonist. However, there is an addition to the show from the former MCU web-slinger Spider-Man: No Way Home.

    Arian Moayed Will Reprise His Character As Agent Cleary In Ms. Marvel

    Arian Moayed is cast in the Ms. Marvel series
    Arian Moayed is cast in the Ms. Marvel series

    Spider-Man: No Way Home was a successful closure to the mega trilogy of Spider-Man. However, the character who will reprise his role in the upcoming Disney+ series is Agent Cleary. In the Spider-Man film, Arian Moayed played the character of the interrogation officer at the Department of Damage Control. You may know Arian from the projects like Succession and Inventing Anna.

    In the Spider-Man sequel, Moayed’s Agent Cleary interrogates Peter Parker. However, it is not yet clear what his role will add to the series. Unfortunately, the fans cannot expect any crossover between Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel. Nevertheless, fans may witness some Iron Man references in the series. Re-casting Agent Cleary from the Department of Damage Control indicates that the group will have a significant role. 

    In the sequel, the Department confiscates Stark Drones, so will they be utilized to catch Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel? We got to see that. We may not see the disciple Peter Parker, but the audience will witness glimpses of the teacher Tony Stark. Iman Vellani who plays the role of Kamala Khan put her foot down for Tony Stark references though the film traces the Captain Marvel journey. 

    She said, “I’m a high Iron Man fan. I know Kamala is more Captain Marvel, but I was very much asking for more Iron Man references in there. Like, ‘I think she needs an Iron Man action figure, more Iron Man.” Iman is certainly involved in the project. Sana Amanat is the creator of the character, is all praises for Iman and explained the perfect casting.

    Sana said, “I think once people meet Iman and get to know her and watch her in the show, everyone’s going to be like, ‘Oh, no question. She’s Kamala.’ It’s no doubt. She is funny and sweet and vulnerable and nerdy and a huge fan of Marvel in real life. She’s incredibly smart, whip-smart, and she has such a bright future ahead.”

    She continued, “I feel like Iman is going to do so much after this show. Sure, she can get an Oscar, but she’s probably going to go be a director or a producer. She’s going to do so much because she’s so smart.”

    Ms. Marvel will be streaming on Disney+ from June 8th, 2022.

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