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    ‘Ms. Marvel’: Series Writer Opens Up About The Possibility Of Second Season After ‘Marvels’

    Marvel Studios is gearing up for the fascinating line-up of the shows and the films. In the films division, MCU will bring the enigma of the God Of Thunder back to the screen with ‘Thor: Love And Thunder.’ Since the advent of the digital space, Marvel Studios brought many interesting characters and narratives to the forefront. One of the narratives is that of Kamala Khan aka ‘Ms. Marvel.’ 

    This marked the debut of the character in a live-action drama after appearances in the animated series. The series is one of the projects as a segue into the sequel of Brie Larson’s starrer ‘Captain Marvel.’ When announced, like other Disney+ series, it was envisioned as a limited series with six episodes. Nonetheless, Sana Amanat, the producer, and the writer may have an update on whether the teen superhero will get a second season renewal.

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    “I Hope We Get A Second Season”: Sana Amanat Clears The Uncertainty Around The Second Season Of Ms. Marvel


    The show is a limited series about a teen American of Pakistani roots who is a fan of Captain Marvel. One day she discovers her powers infused in a generational bracelet that aids her to manipulate energies. The first episode of the show aired on Disney+ with Iman Vellani playing the titular character. 

    During an interview, the creator, writer, and producer of the show, Sana Amanat discussed the future season of the show. Though Kamala was introduced in the live-action OTT series, the arc will be continued when she meets Brie Larson’s ‘Captain Marvel’ in ‘The Marvels.’ 

    On being asked if there will be more seasons of Ms. Marvel, Sana said, “I hope there are. I mean, it is laid out as a limited series for her to go off and do other things. It certainly establishes her as a hero. She will be going into Marvels next, so that’s kind of there. I hope we get a Season 2 is all I’m going to say! I hope we’re a part of that.”

    Looking at the trajectory of the Disney+ Marvel series, there may still be hope that the House of Mouse and Superhero studios have some plan etched. Earlier, Loki was announced as a limited series, however, season 2 is in making. There may not be any update as of now about the potential Season 2. We have to wait till ‘The Marvels’ hit theaters. 

    Ms. Marvel is currently streaming on Disney+.

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