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    Natalia Tena To Reportedly Make Her Marvel Debut As Portray X-23 In ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’: Here’s All About The Character 

    The much anticipated Deadpool & Wolverine’ has constantly been in the headlines as the Marvel fans love for theorizing. Besides the A-List star cast the movie is featuring there are a lot of other aspects of the movie the audience are looking forward to. Natalia Tena will reportedly feature in the film as X-23.

    Whether it’s people speculating on who could be the villains of the film or them guessing the plot the anticipation around the movie is through the roof. Additionally, the film has also been discussed widely about who the other cast members would be besides Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.

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    ‘Harry Potter’ And ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Natalia Tena Will Appear In ‘Deadpool 3’

    Natalia Tena
    Natalia Tena

    Tena’s magnetic presence on screen is unforgettable. Whether it’s for her roles in hit TV series or movies. While Marvel has not officially confirmed her addition to the film, a Marvel insider Daniel Ritchman first broke the news about her alleged involvement in the film.

    Additionally, while the character X-23 has appeared in the MCU previously in ‘Logan’ this will be Natalia’s debut. According to the Nexus Point News, Tena will protect an older version of Laura Kinney and a variant of X-23. For the fans, this means that there is a huge chance that both variants will be seen on screen for the first time.

    With rumors around Taylor Swift being a part of the film as Dazzler and such a huge star cast nothing is stopping ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ from breaking records. Additionally, instead of these spoilers ruining the movie they are increasing the anticipation around it.

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    Who Is X-23?

    X-23 in Logan
    X-23 in Logan

    X-23 aka Laura Kinney is a Marvel Comics character best known for her association with the X-Men. She made her first appearance in the animated series ‘X-Men: Evolution’. As a clone and female counterpart of Wolverine, X-23 possesses similar superhuman abilities. Additionally, she can also be considered Wolverine’s ‘daughter’.

    X-23 possesses similar superhuman abilities including enhanced strength, agility, and a rapid healing factor, along with retractable claws. Additionally, with Tena’s talent and the character’s compelling backstory, fans eagerly await to see X-23’s journey unfold on the screen.  

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