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    10 Things You Missed In ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’ Trailer

    The highly anticipated trailer for the upcoming first mutant movie of the MCU, Deadpool and Wolverine, has finally arrived. The trailer has the “sauce” that fans expected and lived up to the hype of X-Men fans.

    The trailer showcases Deadpool joining forces with Wolverine to save the multiverse. It also finally confirms the main antagonist of the movie, Cassandra Nova, the evil twin of Professor Charles Xavier. The “Genetic Brothers” will take on her to save their loved ones.

    In addition to that, the trailer is also filled with some details that are very easy to miss. So here are a few easter eggs and details that fans might have missed in their 1st or nth watch of the trailer.

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    1. Wolverine And The Bar: A True Love Story

    Deadpool and Wolverine in the bar (1)
    Deadpool and Wolverine in the bar (Image via YouTube/Marvel Entertainment)

    It is no secret that Wolverine loves drinking and is a resident of a bar. Fans saw Logan meeting the young Rogue in a bar in the first X-Men movie. In the ‘X-Men: First Class’, when Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik Magnus (Magneto) were recruiting mutants for the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, they also met Logan in a bar.

    In addition to that, the first look of the upcoming ‘The Wolverine’ video game also showed Logan sitting in the bar. So keeping this trend going, in the trailer, Deadpool meets the Wolverine inside a bar.

    2. X-Men Headstones

    Headstone of Mutants
    Headstones of Mutants (Image via YouTube/Marvel Entertainment)

    While Wade is trying to convince Logan to help him save his new family and the people he loves, Logan turns him down and says it’s not his problem. Wade immediately hits back at Logan saying, “Is that what you said when your world went to sh**?” and the trailer smoothly transitions to Wolverine’s flashback with him walking by giant headstones.

    It is a reference to the Uncanny X-Men issue #141 in which mutants such as Cyclops, Angel, Nightcrawler, etc. die and their graves have similar headstones.

    3. Different Variants of Wolverine

    Wolverine lying on the floor (Image via YouTube/Marvel Entertainment)

    It was earlier confirmed that fans will see different versions of Wolverine that Deadpool will try to convince to help him. “Merc With A Mouth” will be interacting with different variants before finally finding the right one.

    In the trailer, fans can see a Wolverine variant who is reluctant to cooperate with Deadpool and eventually gets dragged down to the TVA office. There, Mr. Paradox points at Wolverine and says, “This Wolverine let down his entire world”, teasing there will be more Wolverine variants in the movie.

    There are also talks that the Wolverine with a sleeveless suit is different from the one with the full-sleeve suit, but it can be a hoax. According to some speculations, fans might actually see Daniel Redcliffs’ version of Wolverine too.

    4. Alioth

    Alioth (Image via YouTube/Marvel Entertainment)

    Since TVA will play a major role in ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’, an easter egg from the Loki TV series was expected. Fans will see the Alioth, the cloud monster that fans first saw in the ‘Loki’ season 1 episode 5 when both Loki and Sylvie were stranded in the Void. This also confirms that some events in the movie will take place in The Void.

    5. Red Skull’s Car from Captain America: The First Avenger

    Red Skull's Car
    Red Skull’s Car (Image via YouTube/Marvel Entertainment)

    Very unexpectedly, the ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’ trailer features the Red Skull’s iconic car. Fans can see someone driving the car very fast. However, the driver is not visible and it cannot be confirmed if Red Skull himself is driving this or if some other character is cruising in Johann Schmidt’s Coupe.

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    6. Ant-Man’s Dead Body

    Ant-man's Dead body
    Ant-man’s Dead body (Image via YouTube/Marvel Entertainment)

    One of the creepiest things fans will see in the trailer is the dead body of one of the Avengers, Ant-Man lying in wasteland. But that’s not it, it appears that his body, specifically his skull has been hollowed and Cassandra Nova has made a fortress there.

    It appears that TVA might have pruned one of the Ant-Man variants to The Void where he failed to survive. In some frames, fans can see his hands and shoulders too.

    7. Other Mutants

    Other Mutants
    Death Strike, Azazel, and Toad (Image via YouTube/Marvel Entertainment)

    Fans were hoping to see some more mutants other than Deadpool and Wolverine and it appears some old foes are returning to face both heroes. Fans can spot Azazel, the evil mutant and right hand of Sebastian Shaw in ‘X-Men: First Class’, Lady Deathstrike from ‘X2’, and Toad from first X-Men.

    They appear to be working for the Cassandra Nova. Fans can expect some more mutants to join the fray in the movie.

    8. Dogpool

    Dogpool , Deadpool and Wolverine
    Dogpool, Deadpool and Wolverine (Image via FirstCuriosity)

    For all the MCU-loving pet lovers, Marvel is giving some screentime to none other than Dogpool. Dogpool is part of Deadpool Corps, a team of different variants of Deadpool. He can be seen licking Deadpool’s face while Wolverine sees all this with a disgusted face.

    It was previously teased that fans will see Deadpool corps in the movie and Dogpool is a clear nod to that. In addition to Dogpool, Kidpool is also expected to appear in the movie.

    9. A Sorcerer Portal

    Sorcerer Portal Deadpool and Wolverine
    Deadpool and Wolverine jumping in a Sorcerer Portal(Image via YouTube/Marvel Entertainment)

    During a scene, both Deadpool and Wolverine appear to jump the Ant-man’s skull to a portal which is similar to what Sorcerers such as Dr. Strange and Wong create. It can be a variant of Dr. Strange, Wong, or a variant of The Ancient One. Editors have smartly removed the character model to leave fans scratching their heads.

    10. Playful Joke On Comic-Book Writer Rob Liefeld

    Deadpool and Wolverine infront off Liefeld's Just Feet store
    Deadpool and Wolverine in front of Liefeld’s Just Feet store (Image via YouTube/Marvel Entertainment)

    The man responsible for the existence of ‘Merc With A Mouth’, Deadpool, Rob Liefeld has caught a stray in the ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ trailer. At the 1:15 mark, Deadpool and Wolverine can be seen walking on a street with stores destroyed behind them.

    Fans can see a store named “Leifeld’s Just Feet”. It is a hilarious joke at Rob Liefeld messing the feet of characters in comics. The Comic-book writer himself confirmed this and said,

    I’m just gonna say, and I don’t think this is going to get me in any hot water, there is so much great and amazing stuff yet to experience. The filmmakers did their work, Shawn shot the hell out of this film. So much fun is on the way!

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