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    ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Might Feature The Time Variance Authority As One Of The Main Villains 

    The much-awaited ‘Deadpool & Wolverine‘ has constantly been in the headlines. Whether it’s due to some rumors or leaks regarding the series the Deadpool fans can’t stop talking about it. Additionally, with the huge fanbase of the film, a lot of rumors regarding the upcoming film are garnering attention.

    Deadpool 3’ is taking the multiverse saga to another level with its inclusion of the already dead superhero Wolverine. People have a lot of questions and theories about the upcoming movie. According to a Marvel insider Holyfield News, the TVA also known as Time Variance Authority will feature in ‘Deadpool 3’.

    They allegedly manipulate Wade into doing things until he eventually realizes what they are up to. Despite Marvel not confirming anything about this rumor, in the trailer Wade could be seen fighting with the minutemen. 

    The Minutemen are a group of law enforcement officers who work for the TVA in the Marvel Comics universe. So, this could mean that the scene was from after Deadpool found out about the TVA manipulating him. Before this, the TVA appeared in ‘Loki.’ In ‘Loki’, they offer him a chance to work with them to fix the timeline and hunt down a variant of himself who is causing disturbances in time.

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    ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’s TVA Can Be A Different Version Than In ‘Loki’

    Deadpool & Wolverine
    Deadpool & Wolverine

    Despite the rumor carrying weight due the the inclusion of the minutemen in the trailer, nothing can be confirmed. This is because TVA went through a redemption arc in ‘Loki’ and them being villainous in the film can undo the events of Loki.

    However, nothing is impossible due to the multiverse. The version of the TVA acting shady and manipulative can definitely feature in the film. The TVA in the film could also be from the Fox Universe as in the trailer Deadpool is surrounded by elements from the universe.

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