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    Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman’s ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’ Expected To Break Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 3-Year-Long Curse

    The Marvel treat has finally arrived. Ever since 2016, Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool has become a fan-favorite character. With the success of the first two installments, Marvel fans have high expectations from the third installment, also because of Hugh Jackman‘s comeback as Wolverine after seven years.

    With a fresh perspective and iconic Deadpool humor, the threequel titled ‘Deadpool and Wolverine‘ will bring something new to the MCU breaking the tedious routine that the franchise has followed, especially in the last three years, especially when the studios failed to reach its targeted box office collection.

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    Deadpool And Wolverine’ Could Break Marvel’s Three-Year-Old Trend

    Deadpool and Wolverine
    Deadpool and Wolverine

    The last three years have been crappy for Marvel as none of the releases managed to cross $1 billion. With the superhero fatigue kicked in among the fans and the confusing storyline, fans are drained with heavy concepts like the multiverse. With the bad VFX and graphics, following the Jonathan Majors controversy, MCU lost its credibility and became a mere joke. And just in time, Marvel Jesus is finally here to save the studio from its plunging box office.

    Due to the huge and loyal fan base of Merc with a Mark, there has been speculation about how ‘Deadpool 3’ will break the Marvel box office jinx. Few of the fans have pointed out that considering how many cameos including the rumored appearance of Taylor Swift are in the film and the iconic and hilarious dynamic shared between ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’, it is very likely that the film will cross $1 billion.

    Meanwhile, some Marvel fanatics pointed out that the only adult film to have ever crossed the $1 billion collection was ‘Joker‘ and it would be very difficult for the Ryan Reynolds film to reach up to the level as of now. But it is also important to note that even before its release, ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ had already started breaking records. The teaser of the film became the most-viewed trailer of all time just within the span of a few days.

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    Will Daniel Radcliffe Be A Part Of Deadpool And Wolverine?

    Fans cast Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine
    Fans cast Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine

    The ‘Harry Potter’ star has been rumored to be a part of ‘Deadpool 3’ for a very long time, and still, the fans are unaware of the truth. The fan trailer by KH Studios reimagined Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine as Daniel Radcliffe. As the plot revolves around a multiverse plot, there are chances the multiple Wolverine variants by be played by different actors, one of them being Radcliffe.

    In an Entertainment Weekly interview, Radcliffe was forced to shut the bombarding rumors about his appearance as Wolverine by making fun of his height. The actor said, “Wolverine is short, so now and then they’re like, ‘Who’s a short actor? There’s never been any actual truth to it… Every so often I get bored of answering the questions sensibly, so I just make a joke like I did the other day, and that sort of has reignited the rumors of it, but there’s nothing going on.”

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