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Peter Parker or Miles Morales, Who is the Strongest Spiderman ?

Spiderman is one of the most iconic and popular superheroes on the planet. Spiderman became an international sensation with his first appearance in Marvel comics back in 1962. Since then, he has been seen on the big screen as well as television. With so many incarnations of spider-man, some may be wondering which is the strongest among them all?

Peter Parker and his powers vs Miles Morales and his powers as a Spider-Man.

In this post, we will compare Peter Parker and Miles Morales to see if one can claim to be stronger than the other.

As we compare these two versions of Spider-Man, we will look at a variety of factors that make a character strong including physical strength, intelligence, fighting skill, and leadership skills.

Who is Peter Parker?

Peter Parker
Peter Parker the Superhero of Marvel Universe since 1962.

Peter Parker is the Spiderman of Marvel and one of the heroes closest to the heart of many people. He has made an impact on many lives through generations with his heroic deeds, struggles, and legacy.


Who is Miles Morales? 


Miles Morales
Miles Morales as Marvel’s Spider-Man since 2011.

Miles Morales is a new Spiderman that appeared in late 2011 in Marvel’s Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man series and also became a member of The Avengers as well. Miles Morales was born without spider-powers due to exposure from one of his father’s experiments gone wrong but he attained all powers remarkably fast after taking up crime-fighting instead.

Peter Parker’s powers vs Miles Morales’ powers : 

On the surface you’d think they have a lot in common – both are bitten by super animals who turn them into superheroes with spider powers. But if you look closer – do they really? Let’s take a closer look at their powers…


1. Shooting Webs : 

Miles can shoot webs out of his wristbands – not his mouth like Peter does with his web-shooters. Miles can also shoot web lines like a spider can. He also has super strength, speed, and agility like Peter does. Maybe not to the same extent though since Peter is a tad bit better at that.

2. Spider-Senses : 

Miles’s spider-sense is very similar to Peter’s spider-sense as well as his balance, agility, and sense of direction. However, Miles’s spider-sense can also tell of upcoming danger much sooner. His webs fly much faster and more aggressively than Peter’s webs do too.

3. Ability to change : 

Miles has some different spider powers than Peter. His first spider power is his ability to change his skin tone to blend into the environment. This is similar to how Peter can turn invisible. Miles’s ability to do this seems more advanced than Peter’s since he uses it more often than peter does with his invisibility


4. Adhesive darts : 

One of the other powers of Miles’ includes the ability to create adhesive darts on his wrists that can make an amazing web shield around him. Miles uses this ability all the time in combat and while traveling around town. Peter only uses the web shields occasionally in combat and not as much when traveling around. Miles’ web shield seems to be just as strong as Peter’s. The adhesive darts on his wrist fall off at times while he’s fighting. So they are not permanent like Peter’s web-shooters

5. Super Strength : 

Miles’ spider power includes his super strength. He is able to lift heavy objects and huge people with little effort. His strength is almost identical to Peter’s strength

6. Flying powers : 

Also, Miles Morales can be as high as he wants to be as long as he stays in the air. Peter would have trouble flying if he had to balance himself and stand on one foot. Miles Morales can fire energy blasts from both arms.


Powers : 

Miles Morales’ powers are better than Peter Parker’s as Miles can shoot energy blasts, fly faster and stay in the air longer. 

Peter Parker’s powers include shooting organic webbing from his wrists, climbing up walls, crawling along with ceilings, changing his clothing to fit the situation, and making himself disappear when he needs to hide.

Miles Morales’ powers are better than Peter Parker’s as Miles can shoot energy blasts, fly faster and stay in the air longer.

Miles Morales can fly faster and stay in the air longer than Peter Parker does.


By doing this, Peter Parker would have to balance himself to stay in the air when he jumps, but Miles Morales can fly faster than Spiderman. 

This is twice as many energy blasts than Peter Parker shoots. Miles Morales can shoot up to four energy blasts at a time. 

Peter Parker may not even remember how many shots he shoots because he wears webbing on his wrist and not an actual watch where it counts how many shots he shoots.


Thus, Miles Morales is a stronger Spiderman as his powers are better than Peter Parker’s.

Ultimatum :

The short answer is that Miles Morales’ spider-powers are better than Peter Parker’s. Spiderman has to put on a mask before he can do anything, but Miles automatically accesses his spider-powers with no effort whatsoever.

I believe Miles Morales is the better Spiderman because he can create his own suit and use his suit to become stronger than any other spider suit in the Marvel Universe. He also enables him to flick bullets away from people, which isn’t possible with most spider suits in Marvel’s universe; most bullets will pass through them without detonating.

Miles Morales is stronger and fares better than Peter Parker and that makes him the better Spiderman.

Having powers like these makes Miles an unbelievably powerful character in the Marvel Comics world and one of the most interesting for fans of superhero comics as well. Still, you have to remember that unless your story has some specific reason for Miles being able to change into Spiderman, then he might not be able to use any other powers besides his spidey ones.

In conclusion, Miles Morales is stronger and fares better than Peter Parker and that makes him the better Spiderman.