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    Ryan Reynolds Has Set A Record That No Other Marvel Actor Including Robert Downey Jr. Has Managed To Achieve

    The release of Deadpool 3 is exciting for many reasons, however, the first is X-Men’s official entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Ryan Reynolds Deadpool being the Marvel Jesus. But what got the fans on their toes, is the comeback of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine after seven years.

    With huge bucks buried in Reynolds’s bank account, the actor has also managed to create a record that no other Marvel actors have managed to achieve. This will be the first time a Marvel actor has managed to work in a triple role.

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    Ryan Reynolds Will Set A New Marvel Record With ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’

    Ryan Reynolds Deadpool
    Ryan Reynolds Deadpool

    The first teaser drop of ‘Deadpool 3’ has made huge waves among fans, believing that the film will revive MCU as well as Ryan Reynolds’s flatline career. The actor is not only the star of the show but is also producing under the banner of his production house, Maximum Effort. With his first film in the MCU, Ryan Renolds is already holding the reigns.

    The Canadian star is also a part of the writing team. Kevin Fiege approved the jokes that the writing team presented to him. This means that Ryan Reynolds is the first MCU actor to write, act, and produce the film.

    Surprisingly this triple role is appreciated and supported by Kevin Fiege. The MCU head shared that it was fun and exciting to work with Ryan Reynolds during the 2022 Comic Con.

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    Other MCU Actors Who Contributed In Writing For Their Film

    Paul Rudd as Ant-Man
    Paul Rudd as Ant-Man

    Not only Ryan Reynolds but Paul Rudd has also taken writing credit for ‘Ant-Man’ and ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’. While the film’s original head writer Edgar Wright walked out of the film due to creative differences with the franchise, Paul Rudd stepped up and took up on the writing duties. 

    Not all rewrites have been proven beneficial. Edward Norton is known for his role in ‘The Incredible Hulk’, the actor is said to have written many of his scenes, however, this upset the film’s original writer Zak Penn. However, the WGA decided to credit Zak Pen with the screenplay credit. 

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