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    ‘Shang-Chi’ Visual Artist Discloses Concept Of Petrifying Monsters That Were Cut From The Movie

    The ‘Shang-Chi’ and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ introduced a new hero to the MCU, played by Simu Liu. The movie expanded the franchise’s mythology and has a sequel in development. The main antagonist of the movie was a terrifying monster called Dweller-in-Darkness. Fans were absolutely in love with the design of these creatures.

    Recently, Marvel Studios concept artist Jerad S. Marantz revealed some of the pictures of the monsters that did not make to the final cut. These creatures might make an appearance in the upcoming ‘Shang-Chi’ sequel. Fans are loving the pictures and description of these horrifying monsters and are hopeful for their future debut.

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    New Monsters Designs That Were Cut From The ‘Shang-Chi’ Movie

    The creature is designed to “fight the villagers” of Ta Lo in Shang-Chi

    Marvel Studios concept artist Jerad S. Marantz described in detail about the monsters that got cut from the movie. First, he showed the monster that was designed to “fight the villagers” of Ta Lo. He said, “Here’s one of my favorite unused creatures for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. So this was during a bit of a blue sky phase, trying to figure out what the first wave of demons would look like that fight the villagers.”

    The spider-like creature that ended up on the cutting room floor in Shang-Chi

    The monster had abilities to “fight hand-in-hand with the villagers” while also having the ability to fly and crawl. The creature also has a long neck and spikes on its shoulder. He also revealed another spider-like creature with four eyes and spikes all over its head. He also showed other creatures, one of which was a cross of both a bat and hybrid. The last design that he revealed was quite similar to that of a grim reaper.

    The demon that is seemingly a hybrid of a bat and a spider in Shang-Chi

    He also described the creative process behind the spider-looking creature. “I got to do a lot of #creature exploration for the #shangchi demons. I love working this way. And I can generate a lot of ideas using this simple technique. I’m really just roughing out the silhouette of a creature and then kicking it over to #procreate to do all the line work.”

    A creature resembling a grim reaper in Shang-Chi

    The Reason These Monsters Didn’t Make It Into The Movie

    The reason why these creatures missed their chance in Shang-Chi

    It is not very rare for an MCU movie to have unused designs in its stock. The same happened with ‘Shang-Chi’. It is still a question whether the sequel will feature these monsters or not. There are still chances that they might make a debut in sequel and that’ll be another story entirely.

    They can pose a huge threat to Ta Lo in the absence of its protector. These monsters that are after the Ten Rings may end up on Earth. That can lead to a global invasion or it can just focus on one of the hidden cities similar to Ta Lo. If that happens it’ll be very difficult for Simu Liu’s titular hero to deal with these monsters.

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