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    Sony To Release More Marvel Movies In 2024 After A Hesitant Marvel Studios Pushes Back Its Major Titles 

    Marvel is torn between Disney and Sony! Multiple Marvel movies and shows have been pushed back by a year or more due to the SAG-AFTRA strikes which resulted in a huge amount of financial bleed and delayed number of impending installments.

    While Marvel and Disney are suffering from incorporating their losses due to the delay, Sony swooped in at the right time to save the show.

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    Marvel Movies To Be Released By Sony In 2024

    Marvel movies released by Sony
    Marvel movies released by Sony

    Unlike Disney which focuses only on Disney Plus-related Marvel content, Sony will take advantage by releasing more Marvel-related content in 2024. Sony will release Madame Web‘, ‘Venom 3’, and Kraven the Hunter on the big screens next year.

    Meanwhile, Disney’s most anticipated project Deadpool 3is all set to release in 2024. However, the entertainment company also has a few interesting and exciting projects up its sleeves including ‘Agatha: Darkhold Diaries’, ‘Echo’, ‘Spider-Man: Freshman Year’, and ‘X-Men ‘97’.

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    Sony Was Close To Acquiring All Marvel Rights

    Sam Raimi on Why ‘Spider-Man 4’ Fell Apart: ‘I Didn’t Want to Just Make Another One That Pretty Much Worked’
    Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man

    Sony missed out on a golden opportunity, it would have been a home to the biggest superhero franchise. It had the opportunity to acquire all of Marvel Comics’ character rights for $25 million but only paid $10 million for Spider-Man, missing out on a chance to create its own Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    Only if Sony had taken the $25 million deal, the superhero saga would have been entirely different. Instead of Iron Man, it would have been set up by Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’. Also, it would have its own Spider-Man Universe, instead of characters like Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man being the primary central figures.

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