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    Spider-Man 4: Sony And Marvel Are Working On Next Spider-Man Project But Not Sure About The Return Of Original Cast

    The world witnessed the most unforgettable climax moment from Spider-Man: No Way Home. The series of three films concluded on an emotional and powerful note. And now, Sony is focusing on the next part of the film. With the erasure of any memory of Peter Parker’s existence by Doctor Strange, we may expect a complete makeover of the superhero in Spider-Man 4. 

    The Cast And Crew May Reunite For Spider-Man 4

    Zendaya and Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home
    Zendaya and Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home

    No Way Home was not the last time we will see the Marvel Superhero in action. It is reported that there are three more Spider-Man films to be in the pre-production phase. Amy Pascal, Sony Producer revealed that the Spiderman trifecta will not be “the last Spider-Man movie.” Kevin Feige also confirms the development of the story for Spider-Man 4.

    The recent reports confirmed that Jon Watts, director of the Spider-Man series has exited from the Fantastic Four reboot. However, Marvel Studios has not cut him from the Spider-Man franchise. As per a report, along with Tom Holland and Zendaya, the director may reunite for the latest franchise Spider-Man 4 as the producers have expressed interest in the trio.

    Though it is unclear when the film will go on the floor, the status of the actors and director is clear. Jon Watts has expressed an utter need for a break from continuous filming of the web-slinger franchise. Tom Holland, the Spidey in the recent installment also wants to take a break before returning to Spider-Man 4

    Zendaya was hands down the best addition to the MCU family. After the mega-success of her series Euphoria, Oscar-nominated Dune, and raving reviews for Spider-Man: No Way Home, she has cemented herself in the industry. The film is expected to go on the floor somewhere around 2023 or in 2024.

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    Nishant Bhise
    Nishant Bhise
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