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    “Stop Race Swapping, Just Create Original Characters”- Ms. Marvel Gets Review Bombed On IMDB Post The Premiere

    There has been much positive experimental content churned out of Hollywood. The tinsel town is pushing the envelope when it is coming to diversity. Lately, a lot of intersectionality concerning race, sexual orientation, religion, etc., can be seen in the cinema and digital space. Marvel Studios is also propagating diversity. Talking about diversity, Chloe Zoe’s ‘Eternals’ gave us an all-identity-encompassing cast. Most recently, Ms. Marvel on Disney+ gave the first Pakistani superhero a live-action series.

    The first episode of the series was released on the 8th of June. The critics showered love and positive reviews for the show. The Guardian called it “A glorious debut for the MCU’s first Muslim superhero.” Financial Times wrote, “Vellani’s on-screen debut charms in an adventure story as much about heritage as battling evil.” Rotten Tomatoes, an online metric site rated it 95% fresh with 45 reviews. However, the Amazon-owned popular metric site IMDB was flooded with 1-star ratings by the audience for several reasons making it one of the worst-rated MCU series.

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    Ms. Marvel Became One Of The Worst-Rated MCU Series Despite Positive Reviews From Critics

    Iman Vellani in Ms. Marvel
    Iman Vellani in Ms. Marvel

    IMDB, one of the widely acclaimed metric sites dubbed Marvel Studios’ new series ‘Ms. Marvel as the worst-rated MCU series. Many people on the site review bombed the series for various reasons. However, the plummeted reviews were caused by the fact that Marvel is trying to tear rather than pushing the representation envelope. Ms. Marvel traces the story of a Pakistani-origin American girl, Kamala Khan living in Jersey City. 

    She is a Captain Marvel fanatic, who does not feel belonged in school or at home. However, Kamala possesses an ancestral bangle which gives her superpowers. Statistically, 5,968 people gave the show a 1-star rating. Nevertheless, 8,101 people rated the series 10/10. If we look at the demography, most of the low ratings emerged from the folks above 30 years old. 

    The director duo of the show, Adil El Arbi, and Billal Fallah reacted to the poor rating during an interview. El Arbi said, “Well, I think fandom values are a reflection of society, you know, so you got to have the good and the bad. We believe that it’s overall good. I mean, fandom for us is the reason why we make these TV shows and movies. They make Marvel MCU heroes big and that’s why we have AvengerCon.”

    He continued, “We try to do that homage to the fandom. That’s why Kamala Khan is a fan. You got to also respect the fandom because they’re so passionate about that. I think that we tend to focus just on the positive aspects of it because the love and the care that they give. You will not have that in any other job and it’s a real pleasure. We hope that our humble contribution to the MCU will please the fandom everywhere in the world, especially the younger fandom.”

    The 1-Star Rating Was Mostly Directed Towards The Changed Powers, Propaganda Accusations, And Childish Teen Drama

    After looking at the 1-star reviews that the audience gave, it is clear that the reviewers wore blinkers. They did not see the technical, sociological merits that the show is trying to achieve but rather bashed it for something as minuscule as “propaganda tv.”

    One user on IMDB touted it as “Propaganda TV,” and wrote “Horrible tv show, with a story that goes nowhere The main character is played by an actress which I only can describe as “unfit” to play the main role .. usually marvel is settle with there toxic messages but this is something else!”

    Another user accused the show of being childish, and wrote, “I’m a huge Marvel fan. I don’t even collect DC because I’m so loyal, but this is garbage. I blame Disney. This mini-series is made just for kids. It is so low on the totem pole for maturity and sophistication that it wasn’t even watchable. The dialog, the script, the acting, and the direction all seem like a Disney after-school show like Jessie, Bunk’d, or The Suite Life on Deck.”

    One reviewer felt it was agenda-fuelling content, writing, “The writing on this series is absolutely atrocious. Such shallow characters from the lead through support. Anyone praising this waste of time is an absolute Slappy or has an agenda. 

    The user continued, “It’s not about entertainment it’s about quote-unquote diversity. And that my friends are just wrong on every level. You do no one credit by praising absolute garbage. You can’t even justify this and say it’s for a young audience because even 11-year-olds are going to find this series to be asinine.”

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    Nishant Bhise
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