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    “There’s Still So Much To Explore”: Henrique Zaga Wishes To Return As Sunspot In MCU’s X-Men

    Since ‘X-Men’97’ has amazed the audience with its animation and narrative, fans are eager to see what Marvel brings out next. With the introduction of Mutants into the world of MCU, the new ‘X-Men‘ opens the doors for new opportunities and Henrique Zaga is all in for the idea.

    While speaking with CoveredGeekly on the red carpet for The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, Henrique Zaga expressed his desire to return as Sunspot. He said, “Of course, I would love to return to the MCU!“. He continued, “I feel like Sunspot is such a beloved character and I  love him. I think there’s still so much to explore still with that storyline.” With X-Men experimenting with its universe and is in full force with the movie series, there are chances for the Sunspot to return.

    Furthermore, Henrique continued, “It would just be a joy to bring all those actors back together, it was one of the highlights that I had in my 20s just playing this Brazilian superhero. Definitely yeah!”

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    Marvel Is In Full Force With X-Men Movie Series

    Sunspot might return for new X-Men movie
    Sunspot might return for a new X-Men movie

    Sunspot’s character was seen in the live-action movie ‘The New Mutants‘ along with ‘Game of Thrones‘ star Maisie Williams’ Wolfsbane and Anya-Taylor Joy’s Magik. Robert da Costa famously known as Sunspot was last seen in the 2020 movie. It didn’t perform well at the cinemas because of its storyline or lack of a world-ending theme perhaps, but overall was an entertaining movie.

    Da Costa also made an appearance in the animated version ‘X-Men’97’. With the Marvel universe moving forward with the different characters’ storylines, there are chances for Sunspot to get a new narrative with new characters with its version in the universe.

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