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    Who Is Mr. Sinister, The Rumored Main Villain For ‘X-Men’ Reboot?

    With all the upcoming MCU movies there are a lot of rumors circulating regarding what is going to happen or not. Marvel is known to be very secretive about its movies and their production. However, with social media every day there’s a new rumor about the movies and what characters would be featured in them.

    Before the Mr. Sinister rumor, a lot of rumors regarding the upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine‘ were circulating on the web. A rumor regarding DC’s Superman Henry Cavill allegedly replacing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Deadpool and Wolverine was also going around. However, no other information has been revealed as of yet. But now, Mr. Sinister’s appearance in ‘X-Men‘ reboot is raising excitement among fans.

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    Who Is Mr. Sinister?

    Mr. Sinister in the Marvel Comics
    Mr. Sinister in the Marvel Comics

    Ever since Marvel regained the rights to the X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four franchises in 2019 a lot of rumors regarding the characters entering the MCU have been circulating. Furthermore, a new X-Men movie has allegedly been in the works since September 2023. Despite there being no confirmation yet it was rumored that MCU President Kevin Feige himself is working on it.

    According to Twitter influencer Daniel Richtman, the Marvel comic villain named Mr. Sinister will be the main villain for the upcoming X-Men reboot. Mr Sinister is a supervillain in the Marvel Comics who is a human scientist. He was written by Chirs Claremont and appeared in ‘The Uncanny X-Men’. His main goal was to turn humanity into a perfect race of superhumans. After the mutant apocalypse, he transformed into an ageless man with superpowers named Mr. Sinister.

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    ‘Loki’ Writer Eric Martin Would Love To Work On The X-Men Reboot


    Eric Martin talked about his experience with Marvel and whether he would like to work on other MCU projects in an interview with Total Film. “I think everybody’s probably chasing after X-Men because I think that’s where the richest characters are. But I mean, who knows? That’s a decision for someone who’s not me. As long as Marvel is happy, of course, I’d love to work on more MCU projects,” he said.

    He further explained, “I mean, Marvel has changed my life by trusting me to write this season. It was a lot of responsibility, and I hope I’ve earned that trust. I think, for me, it all comes down to the characters. Do we have deep, interesting characters to work on? That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. Can I tell a deeply emotional, character-driven story with these people and on this huge canvas?”.

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