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    “I Am So Proud Of Where We Landed”: Tom Hiddleston Shares His View On The Possibility Of ‘Loki’ Season 3

    Loki‘ starring Tom Hiddleston concluded the entire story of the God of Mischief in the second season of the Marvel series as he became the God of Stories. But fans can’t get enough of Loki and are awaiting a third season. Hiddleston spoke to Variety about the potential season 3 of ‘Loki‘ and the continuation of the character’s story in the MCU. He said that he is frequently asked about this topic and is clueless about Loki’s future.

    “I truthfully don’t know,” Hiddleston said when asked if Loki will get a third season. “I am so proud of where we landed in Season 2. To go from this lost, broken soul in Asgaard, and be given a second chance and learn so much about life that he gives himself to protect other people, has been such an honor.”

    Additionally, he expressed his satisfaction with the second season, which may indicate Loki’s eventual conclusion. From a self-centered villain to a selfless figure, Loki emerged as a beloved superhero in the end. He had developed into a powerful entity which may have been enough to wrap up his story. Marvel can focus on creating a potential spin-off series and expanding it into a different universe in the interim.

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    Could There Be A Spin-Off Of ‘Loki’?

    Tom Hiddleston as Loki
    Tom Hiddleston as Loki

    Tom Hiddleston doesn’t think a third season of ‘Loki‘ has too much potential and he is satisfied with the ending of season 2. Rather than this, Marvel can perhaps focus on a spin-off series of a different character. The production has also hinted at this.

    In a podcast, producer Kevin Wright stated that they saw the ending of season 2 of ‘Loki‘ as wrapping up a book. It felt appropriate to finish the series there itself. Kevin also continued to add that he still loves Loki and would love to create some quality series with the cast someday.

    The two seasons of Loki are available on Disney+.

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