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    Tom Hiddleston Reveals Emotional Connection Of His Character’s Final Line In ‘Loki’ Season 2 Finale

    The finale of Loki’ season 2 has left fans oddly satisfied despite the emotional toll it may have taken on them. To add more to it, Tom Hiddleston has revealed that there are deep emotional undertones to his character’s last line in the season 2 finale.

    In the season finale, Loki’s sacrificial act marked an important moment in his character arc or rather the entire history of the Marvel Universe. Known as the God of Mischief, Hiddleston’s character has always been an antagonistic one with only tinges of kindness here and there. But the unimaginable sacrifice that Loki made in the season finale could only be the virtue of a hero.

    Shedding more light on the narrative that definitely warmed Loki fans’ hearts, Hiddleston shared the profound connection between Loki’s final line in the season 2 finale and his very first appearance as Loki. Speaking during an interview with Vanity Fair, Hiddleston revealed Loki’s last words in the film ‘Thor’ was the same as his last word in the season finale —  but holds entirely opposite meanings in the two scenarios.

    Directed by Kenneth Branagh, ‘Thor‘ portrayed Loki as the mischievous sibling of the protagonist Thor played by Chris Hemsworth. In the film’s narrative, Loki makes several decisions that disappoint his father, and even take a toll on people’s lives. His effort to gain his father’s pride has often been misguided and ill-thought-out throughout the ‘Thor‘ franchise and other MCU productions.

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    Loki’s Character Arc Throughout The Marvel Journey Is The Most Compelling One In The MCU

    Tom Hiddleston in 'Loki'
    Tom Hiddleston in ‘Loki’

    In the film, his last lines are, “I could have done it, Father. I could have done it for you, for all of us,”Loki‘s season 2 finale also ends with the same line, showing his character’s growth over the years.

    For the past 14 years that Loki took significant space in the Marvel universe, he has been portrayed as Thor’s jealous sibling, constantly trying to win his father Odin as the more deserving son to take over the throne of Asgard.

    But in ‘Loki season 2, Loki’s transformation becomes evident as he selflessly pledges to become the god others need him to be. The evolution of Loki’s character throughout the MCU has been one of the most compelling arcs in the franchise. From jealousy and ambition to selflessness and empathy, Loki’s journey stands out.

    The incorporation of the emotionally heavy line from his very first appearance as a pivotal character is a screenwriting masterstroke that has added even more value to the massive transformation that Hiddleston’s character has seen.

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