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    How Robert Downey Jr. Helped Tom Holland To Become Spider-Man?

    Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man has been a pivotal part of Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man’s journey. Though indirectly, Tony Stark has been guiding the Marvel Superhero even after he died in ‘Avengers: Endgame’. Tom Hollandstarrer ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ gave Peter Parker a stride on the tumultuous journey without Tony Stark.

    But, apart from reel life, Holland has admitted that Robert has been a mentor for him in real life as well. Let’s tell you more about the story that unfolded behind the camera.

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    How Did Robert Downey Jr. Help Tom Holland To Prepare For His Role?

    Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Tom Holland, in ‘Cherry’, played the character of a bruised, unemployed army man whose life spirals as he comes back from Iraq with PTSD. In 2021, Tom discussed the taxing process of embodying the character to GQ Magazine. In the same interview, he talked about the journey of bagging the role of Spider-Man. Without a doubt, Parker’s reel life teacher, Tony Stark aka Robert Downey Jr., guided Tom during his auditions.

    Robert told Tom to “enjoy the process and let your body take over.” Talking to GQ, Tom said, “It comes down to being able to carry the mantle. To be able to weather the trial by fire that rains down on someone when taking on such a thing. Marvel fans are wonderfully yet terrifyingly committed. They absorb all of you. They expect to. Becoming Spider-Man is a bit like going down a K-hole [ketamine] – it’s easy to get lost in there.”

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    Robert Downey Jr. On Superheroes: “We’re All Beekeepers”

    Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man and Tom Holland as Spider-Man

    Downey also described all the Marvel Superheroes, including Tom as “bee-keepers.” He said, “We’re beekeepers. It’s not sexy. It’s hot under those damn suits. You can’t see us. We’re sweating to make the sweet, sweet syrupy nectar to be consumed by our leaders. We’re all beekeepers. Overpaid beekeepers.”

    Fans are awaiting the web-slinger hero to be back on the screen. Though the Spider-Man trilogy has come to an end, there’s hope for Tom Holland to be back in the franchise for the next film. There are also chances for Spider-Man to make an appearance in standalone films like ‘Kraven’ and ‘Madame Web’

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