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    ‘Uncanny X-Men’ Writer Gail Simone Reveals The Secret Signs That Can Tell If You’re A Marvel Mutant Or Not

    For a very long time, mutants in the Marvel Universe have been living with humans. The majority of the mutants have similar physiological appearances and live their lives low-key. One of the main reasons behind this is the hate against humans.

    Mutants are superior life forms in comparison to humans, thus, humans have an innate fear that mutants will harm them thus they despise mutants. Mutants feel safer and comfortable with their own kind and it seems like now they know how to identify others with a secret sign.

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    ‘Uncanny X-Men’ Writer Gail Simone On The Secret “M” Gesture To Identify Mutants

    Secret Mutants Sign
    Secret “Midnight M” Sign (Image via Marvel Comics)

    After a 5-year long ‘Krakoa’ era of X-Men, the mutant series is entering a new era. In this new series, mutants will be able to signal each other and reveal their identity to others of their kind with a secret sign. This sign is called “Midnight Bark” or “Midnight M”.

    The Uncanny X-Men writer Gail Simone revealed how to make this gesture. She said, “The key is looseness, it’s not supposed to be immediately noticeable to observers. So fingers, wrist, and thumbs are loose,” writes Simone. “Basically, you make the Ditko web-shooting shape, BUT hand hangs down loose at the wrist. Thumb is out, fingers loose. Thumb is loose and doesn’t connect with middle fingers, unlike Spidey. Fingers make a hanging ‘M’ shape.”

    Simone revealed mutants can also check on others through this sign. “That’s it, that’s how you can signal other mutants. It is an ‘Are you okay’ sign and ‘Are you one of us’ and ‘Do you need help’ sign. Now you can find others like you!

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    Rogue will Lead Uncanny X-Men In The ‘From The Ashes’ Era

    Rogue X-Men_ From The Ashes
    Rogue (Image via FirstCuriosity)

    X-Men’s Captain Marvel, Rogue has played a prominent role in the vision of Professor X. After him gone, she along with Cyclops, and Wolverine has stepped up for the greater good to bring balance between mutants and humanity.

    Rogue will be seen in the leadership role in the Uncanny X-Men. With the mutant group falling apart without Professor X, she will be playing a key role in holding them together against something very powerful that can decimate them.

    The ‘From The Ashes’ era will have Doctor Corina Ellis as the main villain. She is a human who will be working on the mission to finish off Charles Xavier’s X-men.

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