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    Upcoming Marvel Film ‘Blade’ Has Reportedly Received New Script Bringing The Titular Character To Present Timeline

    While Marvel Studios has become synonymous with box office success, there’s a lesser-known narrative of films stuck in development limbo. The same is happening with the upcoming MCU film Blade

    Despite the long gaps, the anticipation around the movies is still there. For those who might not know, ‘Blade,’ is a vampire hunter who possesses all of the strengths of a vampire but none of their weaknesses.

    Blade is also a very skilled individual making him a very interesting character for a Marvel movie. Additionally, the ‘Blade’ reboot is expected to hit the theaters on 7th November 2025.

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    New Script Details Suggest That ‘Blade’ Will Be Set In The Present MCU

    Mahershala Ali as Blade
    Mahershala Ali as Blade

    A trusted Marvel insider, Daniel Richtman shared the news of the script details changing in a Patreon post. He revealed that the script of the film was finalized by screenwriter Michael Green. Additionally, he also talked about the film making a major change.

    He revealed that the film was previously supposed to be a ‘period piece‘ back when it was confirmed in 2019. However, the script changes have made it so that the movie is now set in the present MCU. Subsequently, the film is also to connect the film with ‘The Midnight Sons’ through a project.

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    Before Mahershala Ali ‘Blade’ Was Portrayed By Wesley Snipe

    Wesley Snipe as Blade
    Wesley Snipe

    The ‘Blade’ trilogy is known for its stylish action sequences, dark atmosphere, and innovative portrayal of vampires in cinema. Additionally, the trilogy became iconic due to Wesley Snipe’s portrayal of the vampire hunter.

    Snipes brought a unique charisma to the character, blending a sense of danger with moments of wry humor. It can be said that his portrayal of the character helped popularize comic book adaptations in the late 1990s and early 2000s. In conclusion, his commitment to the role helped establish ‘Blade’ as a favorite among the comic book fans.

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