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Ebony Blade Vs All Black Necrosword: Which One Is A More Powerful Weapon?

Marvel does not just consist of superheroes and villains who fight off in tech-powered suits or genetic mutations. But their comics are also famous for supernatural relics and gadgets. 

Marvel is also home to many dark artifacts ranging from dark mirrors that grant those who see it corrupting power to blades that drain the blood of their foes. Speaking about blades, Necrosword is just one of many dark artifacts in Marvel’s history. But is it powerful when compared to Ebony Blade?

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Powers Of Ebony Blade And All Black Necrosword Explained

Ebony Sword and All-Black Necrosword
Ebony Sword and All-Black Necrosword

The All Black Necrosword was a product of Knull’s experimentation, which is different from other symbiotes like Venom. The blade possesses the powers of All-Black bestows on its wielder. The powers include dark energy manipulation, durability, shape-shifting abilities, regeneration, and cosmic travel speed. 

Meanwhile, the Ebony Blade was made by Mwelin and Sir Percy. Ebony Blade is one of the most powerful swords which can pierce through the strongest and most supernatural materials. But the powerful sword is engraved with a curse that activates bloodlust in the wielder. But on the bright side, the cursed sword grows more powerful as more blood is flooded with it. This blade also saves the user from dying, hence making the wielder immortal.

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Which Among Ebony Blade And All Black Necrosword Is More Powerful?

All-Black Necrosword
All-Black Necrosword

There’s no doubt that All-Black is the darkest weapon of the Marvel multiverse, it is more than just a weapon that feeds off on negative emotions. Much similar to the Ebony Blade and Unlike the All-Black, however, the sword is much more magical in nature. At its most powerful stage, it drinks blood and drains people’s souls. 

Unlike the Ebony Swords, the All-Black passes the power to slay Celestials and other God-like cosmic beings turning the weilders into gods themselves. Although there are numerous dark artifacts and blades that possess much greater power than the Ebony Sword and the All-Black like the Twilight sword or the Odinsword.

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