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    Kanye West Bowed Down To The Beatles Years Before Declaring Himself God And Claiming To Be The ‘Greatest Artist’ Ever

    Kanye West, a name synonymous with bold statements and impenetrable self-belief, surprised many with a moment of humility. The rapper is known for being outspoken and is a self-proclaimed god worshiped by his fans no matter what he does. 

    However, In a shocking 2008 interview with MTV, the rapper for the first time conceded that surpassing The Beatles‘ musical legacy was simply not achievable for him, or perhaps any artist. 

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    “It Is Impossible To Make An Album Better Than The Beatles”: Kanye West

    Kanye West
    Kanye West

    Kanye has never been shy about expressing his confidence in his own artistry. His lyrics frequently boast about his talent and influence, often sparking debate and even causing eye rolls. So, when he declared in a previous interview that some artists were “too bravado” about their work, it left some scratching their heads. 

    However, West went on to explain his stance, specifically referencing the legendary British band. “Whenever bands come out and say, ‘This album is better than The Beatles,’ it is impossible to make an album better than The Beatles unless you’ve got 30 years,” he stated. Additionally, this comment offered a glimpse of genuine respect for the band’s enduring impact.

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    Why The Beatles Remain Untouchable

    The Beatles
    The Beatles

    West’s point about time is a valid one. The Beatles’ influence stretches back decades,  shaping the course of popular music across genres. Their music has soundtracked countless lives, passed down from generation to generation. Additionally, this longevity and cultural penetration are what makes them such a formidable benchmark. 

    He also acknowledged the importance of melody in his praise. He pointed out that “Beatles records…people have known them their whole lives,” contrasting it with the fleeting nature of some contemporary music. His comment suggests a recognition of the enduring quality of strong songwriting and catchy melodies The Beatles’ music.

    Kanye West’s Rare Humility Turned Toxic

    Kanye West
    Kanye West

    West’s concession regarding The Beatles doesn’t diminish his own undeniable talent. He has redefined hip-hop with his innovative production style and introspective lyrics. However, his willingness to acknowledge the towering presence of The Beatles is refreshing in a world obsessed with self-promotion. 

    It serves as a reminder that even the most cocky and talented creators can draw inspiration from the giants who came before them. Additionally, West’s journey, from boasting about his own greatness to recognizing the untouchable legacy of The Beatles, highlights the importance of respecting the past.

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