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    “No-One Would Recognize It”: ‘Young Sheldon’ Showrunner Reveals A Subtle Easter Egg In Season Finale

    The bittersweet moment that fans of ‘Young Sheldon‘ had been eagerly waiting for finally arrived with the grand finale of ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ prequel released on on May 16. By the end of the show, Sheldon Cooper played by Iain Armitage was exactly where he was supposed to be: Caltech, the institution where he would later meet his best friends and found family as shown on ‘The Big Bang Theory‘.

    Though many were suspecting that the season would end with the death of Sheldon’s father George Sr., the show creators recently revealed that they did not want the show to end on a sad note. With a twist consequently added to the show’s finale is a hidden Easter egg that might ring a bell with ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ fans, but that too is a feeble possibility.

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    ‘Young Sheldon’ Creator Breaks Down Show’s Grand Finale

    Still from 'Young Sheldon' (Credit: Getty)
    Still from ‘Young Sheldon’

    Young Sheldon‘s finale gave a fitting end to the beloved show as the lead character Sheldon Cooper played by Iain Armitage moved to California as a student at Caltech University. Cooper reached there after the loss of his father, George Sr. played by Lance Barber. The end marked the beginning of the journey of the next chapter of his life already broadcasted in ‘The Big Bang Theory‘.

    Throughout the episode, Sheldon is seen grappling with the emotional weight of his father’s death. He fantasizes about rewriting their final moments together, longing for a more satisfying farewell. He also daydreams about delivering the perfect eulogy, though in reality, he remains silent at the funeral.

    In a nod to the original series, older Sheldon played by Jim Parsons reprised his role in the finale and is seen reflecting on these moments while writing his memoir with his wife Amy, played by Mayim Bialik by his side. “The older Sheldon can now look back and realize that that’s what he had been doing. But the truth is that he loved his dad and missed him,” showrunner Steve Holland explained during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

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    Showrunner Steve Holland Reveals A Subtle Easter Egg In ‘Young Sheldon’ Finale

    Still from 'Young Sheldon'
    Still from ‘Young Sheldon’

    Showrunner Steve Holland opened up about the finale during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, stating that they aimed to leave room for Sheldon’s continued growth in the show. He said that filming with Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik felt a bit like recreating ‘The Big Bang Theory‘, though the single-camera setup and lack of a live audience differentiated the experience.

     He revealed that the final moment when Sheldon arrived at Caltech was always envisioned as the show’s end. “Sheldon going off into his new life was always our idea, to end it on a hopeful upbeat note,” Holland said. “We know that his new life is full of family and friends, and good things happen to him, so that always felt like the right last moment.”

    With that, the show creators decided to introduce an interesting Easter egg in the finale that further connected it with the original storyline. In the subtle Easter egg, Sheldon can be seen having a small talk with a professor on campus. This professor is none other than David Saltzberg, the science consultant for ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ and ‘Young Sheldon‘.

    It is for nobody, because no one would recognize it,” Holland laughed as he said. “But we realized [Saltzberg], other than Chuck and Jim, has been with this character the longest… so it’s really just a nice way for us to honor David and all the contributions he’s made to both of these shows for the last 16 years,” he added.

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