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    “Let’s Not Leave The Audience Wallowing In Grief”: ‘Young Sheldon’ Creators Open Up About The Impact Of George Sr.’s Death On Grand Finale

    Young Sheldonis nearing its end and fans have therefore been bracing themselves for some significant hurt. Though the show is set to air its finale on May 16, a recent episode of the show came with a huge shock for the fans.

    While ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ fans may have already seen it coming, some fans were immensely shocked by the death of Sheldon’s father, George Sr. However, showrunner Steve Holland has revealed to Entertainment Weekly that while Thursday’s episode will confront this tragic event, the series finale won’t end with George Sr.’s funeral.

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    ‘Young Sheldon’ Showmaker Opens Up About George Sr.’s Death

    Iain Armitage in 'Young Sheldon'
    Iain Armitage in ‘Young Sheldon’

    In an episode of ‘Young Sheldon‘ titled ‘A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture, viewers were left heartbroken as Sheldon’s mother Mary, played by Zoe Perry, received the news of her husband’s sudden death due to a heart attack at work.

    Speaking about the same, show creator Steve Holland spoke about the importance of addressing George Sr.’s death, not just because it aligns with ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ narrative, but also because of its impact on the characters, particularly Sheldon and Mary.

    We always knew that George Sr.’s death was important for us to deal with, not just because it was Big Bang canon, but because it’s such an important piece of these characters and also how it impacts their lives moving forward and how it changes Sheldon and Mary,” Holland said.

    That was definitely a thing that we wanted to deal with this season, and then it was just figuring out when that will happen,” he added. He further explained that because some viewers were expecting the death because of its revelation on the original show, they had to come up with an idea that would catch audiences off guard by subverting their expectations.

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    Here’s Why ‘Young Sheldon’ Will Not End With A Funeral

    'Young Sheldon' cast
    ‘Young Sheldon’ cast

    Talking about the show’s finale, Holland said that initially, the funeral was intended to be the series finale. However, creator Chuck Lorre suggested otherwise, because of the need he felt to maintain the show’s positive and familial tone.

    As we were talking about it, it was Chuck who said, ‘This show has been such a positive family show,'” Holland said during the interview. “‘Let’s not leave the audience wallowing in grief. Let’s give them a little bit of ramp out of it, not do that in the finale, and give the finale room to have a little bit more hope to it.’ That’s how those last two episodes shifted out,” he added.

    The upcoming block of episodes of ‘Young Sheldon’ will kick off with ‘Funeral’, followed by the series finale, ‘Memoir’. The finale will also see the return of Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik, reprising their Big Bang characters of Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farah Fowler respectively.

    The series finale is set to air on May 16.

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