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    ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’ Final Runtime Disappoints Fans Despite It Being The Longest Deadpool Film Yet

    ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’ is all set to hit the big screen on 26 July. It is the debut film of Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in the MCU. Recently, the run time of the movie was revealed.

    On the AMC Theatre website, it is listed that the movie will be 127 minutes (2 hours and 7 minutes) long. Previously it was reported that ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’ would be 130 minutes (2 hours and 10 minutes) long. But it seems the info was inaccurate.

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    ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’ Sets A New Record But Is It Enough?

    Hugh Jackman's Wolverine And Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool (Image via FIrstCuriousity)

    Deadpool And Wolverine‘ will set a new record for being the longest ‘Deadpool’ movie. Previous movies, ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Deadpool 2‘ were 108 minutes (1 hour, 48 minutes) and 119 minutes (1 hour, 59 minutes) long respectively.

    In addition, it will also be the 7th longest movie of the “Multiverse Saga”. However, fans are disappointed with the length of the movie. ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’ is slated to have a number of cameos but 127 minutes seems a bit short.

    Fans don’t want these cameos to be just mere fan service or something fans saw in ‘Deadpool 2’. Moreover, the co-creator of Deadpool, Rob Liefeld already claimed ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’ have a “mind-blowing” post-credit scene. With all the cameos and the post-credit scene, the actual story might not get enough time.

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    Fans Outrage Over ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’s Short Runtime

    Hugh Jackman' And Ryan Reynolds'
    Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine And Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool (Image via FIrstCuriousity)

    Many fans said the movie should’ve been 20-30 minutes longer. Some claimed it might be rushed like 2022’s ‘Dr Strange: Multiverse Of Madness’; fans know how that worked out. However, a few fans claim it is enough. At test screenings, fans really appreciated the movie. It is expected to be the biggest post-Infinity Saga movie.

    Marvel Studios has put a lot of effort into ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’. They might have worked things out in this limited time. Fans are almost 2 months away from the theatrical release so it would be better to wait for the release before presuming the movie would be already bad.

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