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    MCU Filming/Production Update Reveals Three Major Disney+ Series Are Ready To Hit The Streaming Service

    Marvel Studios has a number of projects set to release in the coming years. After an overwhelming number of underwhelming projects in past years, Marvel has high hopes for these projects.

    Marvel recently gave the production update on the upcoming projects. They revealed that the spinoff series of ‘WandaVision’, ‘Agatha’ is done filming and is all prepared to hit Disney+. Along with this, ‘Wonder Man’ and IronHeart are also wrapped up.

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    Filming/Production Updates On The Upcoming MCU Projects

    Marvel Studios revealed the timeline and schedule for the 14 upcoming movies and Disney+ TV shows.

    ‘Wonder Man’ (TV Show) (2024)

    Wonderman MCU
    Wonderman (Image via Marvel Comics)

    Status: Wrapped

    Wonder Man is a miniseries set to hit Disney+ in 2024. It will tell the tale of the Marvel Character, Wonder Man. It will be 10 10-episode comedy series which will be a Hollywood Satire. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will play the role of Simo Williams AKA Wonder Man.

    ‘Agatha’ (TV Show) (2024)

    Kathryn Han as Agatha (Image via FIrstCuriosity)

    Status: Wrapped

    It is another TV show coming in 2024. It is reportedly set to release around Halloween which fairly suits its theme. Kathryn Hann will reprise her role as Agatha Harkness. In addition to her, Joe Locke will also return as Wiccan.

    ‘Ironheart’ (TV Show) (3 September 2025)

    Ironheart (Image via FIrstCuriosity)

    Status: Wrapped

    Riri Williams from ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ will be seen in her solo TV series on Disney+ as part of MCU phase 5. Dominique Thorne will return as the MIT student with the iron suit. ‘IronHeart’ will be a relatively small series with just 6 episodes. Fans can expect Riri Williams to have some interaction with other armour-wielding characters such as Colonel Rhodes.

    ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ (Movie) (14 February 2025)

    Captain America_ Brave New World
    ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ (Image via FIrstCuriosity)

    Status: Wrapped

    ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ is the first solo movie of Anthony Mackie in the MCU franchise. After Chri Evan’s Steve Rogers passes the torch to Mackie’s Sam Wilson, he becomes the new Captain America. The movie will continue after the events of 2021’s TV series ‘The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’.

    The movie will finally introduce a new Hulk, Red Hulk to the franchise. Multiple stars from 2008’s ‘Incredible Hulk‘ such as Tim Blake Nelson and Liv Tyler will reprise their roles.

    ‘Thunderbolts’ (Movie) (5 May 2025)

    Thunderbolts MCU
    Thunderbolts (Image via Marvel Studios)

    Status: In Production

    Thunderbolts is a team of antihero who works for the American Government. Marvel teased this movie with the 2021’s ‘Black Widow’. The team will have Winter Soldier, Yelena Belova, Red Hulk, U.S. Agent, Red Guardian, and more. Thunderbolts will be the last movie of the MCU phase 5.

    ‘Blade’ (Movie) (7 November 2025)

    Blade MCU
    Blade (Image via FIrstCuriosity)

    Status: Shooting Starts in Fall 2024

    Marvel Studios announced the ‘Blade’ all the way back in 2019. Mahershala Ali will take on the role of vampire hunter. The character has a vast history in the comics. He has been part of one of the most popular teams, Midnight Suns. The info about the movie is currently very scarce. If he arrives before or with Blade, fans can expect him to interact with his Midnight Suns partners such as Moon Knight, Dr Strange or even Ghost Rider.

    ‘Fantastic Four’ (Movie) (25 July 2025)

    Fantastic Four  MCU
    Fantastic Four (Image via Marvel Studios)

    Status: Shooting Starts in July 2024

    Marvel’s First Family is finally coming to the MCU in 2025. There have been multiple live-action iterations of Fantastic Four, however, both were underwhelming, especially the 2016’s ‘Fantastic Four’ featuring Micheal B. Jordan.

    MCU’s ‘Fantastic Four’ is set to feature some of the popular stars of the industry such as Pedro Pascal, Ralph Ineson, Vanessa Kirby, etc. It will kick off the MCU phase 6.

    ‘Spider-Man 4’ (Movie) (TBA)

    Tom Holland as Spider-Man (Image via FIrstCuriosity)

    Status: Shooting Starts In September 2024

    The last Spider-Man movie, ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ was a treat to watch and paved the way for a more independent web-head. With a more comic-accurate blue and red suit and dumping Stark Tech, Spider-Man will go on a new adventure in Spider-Man 4′. The movie may feature a more mature Spider-Man after losing his aunt May.

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    ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ (TV Series) (Early 2025)

    Daredevil_ Born Again MCU
    Jon Bernthal and Charlie Cox (Image via FIrstCuriosity)

    Status: Wrapped

    The Netflix ‘Daredevil’ series is adored by the fans. It gave fans Charlie Cox’s Daredevil. Everyone loved him as Matt Murdock. Thus Marvel Studios didn’t recast the character and brought Cox back. He made his official MCU debut with 2022’s ‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’.

    Jon Bernthal will also return as Frank Castle aka Punhiser. The show is expected to feature other “Defenders” such as Jewel(Jessica Jones), Iron Fist and Luke Cage. However, it is unclear if previous actors will reprise their role or not.

    ‘Vision Quest ‘ (TV Series) (Mid 2025)

    White Vision (Image via Disney+)

    Status: Shooting Starts In October 2024

    After the sad end of Vision in 2018’s heart-wrecking ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, he returned after S.W.O.R.D. revived him in the ‘WandaVision’ TV series. However, after that, he was nowhere to be seen in future projects. It will primarily focus on this new White Vision who has lost his memory.

    ‘Armor Wars’ (Movie) (TBA)

    Armor Wars
    Don Cheadle as Colonel Rhodes (Image via FirstCuriosity)

    Status: Shooting Starts In Early 2025

    Marvel Studios announced the ‘Armor Wars’ way back in 2020. It was revealed to be a Disnet+ series. However, they changed it to be a movie. It will feature Don Cheadle’s Rhodey aka War Machine, and Dominique Thorne’s Riri Williams. Fans can expect Harley Keen, the little boy who helped Tony in ‘Iron Man 3’, to be introduced as Iron Lad. ‘Armor Wars’ is set after the events of the ‘Secret Invasion’ TV series.

    ‘Shang-Chi 2’ (Movie) (TBA)

    Shang-Chi MCU
    Simu Liu as Shang-Chi (Image via Marvel Studios)

    Status: Shooting Start In March 2025

    Shang-Chi And The Legends Of The Ten Rings‘ is among the few well-received MCU movies in recent years. It was like a breath of fresh air and also redeemed the Mandarin character that the MCU ruined in Iron Man 3′. Simu Liu and Awkwafina will return for the next installment.

    ‘Avengers 5’ (Movie) (1 May 2026)

    Chris Hemsworth, Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man (Image via FirstCuriosity)

    Status: Shooting Starts In January 2025

    ‘Avengers 5’ will be the first stop where all the characters introduced after the Infinity Saga will come together. Previously dubbed as ‘Kang Dynasty’, ‘Avengers 5’ will feature another big bad whom all the heroes fight. It is currently unclear if Marvel will recast Kang or introduce a new villain after Jonathan Majors was found guilty of third-degree assault and harassment. The story will build alongside upcoming MCU projects.

    ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ (Movie) (7 May 2027)

    Avengers Secret Wars
    Avengers Secret Wars (Image via Marvel Studios)

    Status: Shooting Starts In Late 2024

    Following the events of ‘Avengers 5’, superheroes will team up for the last announced Avengers movie, ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’. The movie is expected to have the 2015 comic book plot where the villain tries to collapse the multiverse.

    ‘X-Men’ (Movie) (TBA)

    X-Men Movie female Characters
    Storm And Jean Grey (Image via FirstCuriosity)

    Status: TBA

    ‘X-Men’ will be the first X-Men movie in the MCU. The movie is reported to be centred around the female members of the faction such as Storm, Jean Greay and Storm. The details of the movie are yet to be revealed. There have been reports revolving that Mr Sinister will be the main villain of the movie but fans have to wait and see.

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