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    Who Is Ironheart? How Is She Connected To Iron Man?

    A brand-new addition to Marvel’s original series is going to be ‘Ironheart’ created by Chinaka Hodge. Dominique Thorne has been selected to play the titular role of Ironheart. The series is expected to premiere in late 2023, consisting of six episodes, and will be part of Phase Five of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

    Ever since the release of one of Marvel’s biggest projects, ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ the franchise has stepped into a new realm of storytelling by exploring in depth the lives, and adventures of several of its existing characters like Loki and Hawkeye while launching new ones like Ms. Marvel and America Chavez. After dominating the box office for decades, the MCU has taken over online streaming as well when they started producing original series for Disney+ starting with ‘WandaVision’ in 2021. And now, it’s time for Ironheart.

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    All About Ironheart


    Riri Williams, like most MCU characters, had a troubled childhood after she was diagnosed with behavioral problems at the young age of five years old. After being consulted by a child psychologist, it was found out that Riri is a certified super genius. Her intelligence levels caused her to confine herself to just her thoughts, thus becoming an introvert. She found her first-ever friend at the age of ten but tragedy struck when Riri, her family, and Natalie were caught in a line of fire while picnicking at Marquette Park. Although Riri came out of the accident unhurt, both Natalie and her stepfather lost their lives. 

    After losing her beloved father and friend, Riri lived with her mother Ronnie, and her paternal aunt Sharon in Chicago. She then went on to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on scholarship. At MIT, Riri worked on a suit of armor very similar to the Iron Man armor using materials she stole from the campus. When the threat of campus security discovering her private project loomed large, Williams fled using the suit. 

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    How Is Ironheart Connected To Ironman? 

    Ironheart and Iron Man

    According to the Marvel comics, it was none other than Ironman who inspired the little girl genius Riri to build her own Iron Armor. She crossed paths with him long before she decided to build her own armor. Her soon-to-be stepfather was rescued by Iron Man during a Skrull invasion. She was determined to follow in his gallant footsteps by leading a life full of crime-fighting for humanitarian causes. Her fascination with Ironman led her to reverse engineer Stark’s Mark-41 and add her own little twists to it. 

    After escaping campus security, Riri flies across the US trying to test her new armor. In the process, she captures a pair of inmates trying to escape but her armor gets damaged during this little adventure. All set to head home, preparing to explain to her mother why she left MIT and repair her damaged armor Riri is paid a little visit by our very own billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist – Tony Stark. He supports her decision of becoming a superhero and takes it upon himself to guide her through the Artificial Intelligence programmed with Tony’s persona. This way, Riri Williams adopts the identity of Ironheart. 

    Ironheart is instantly and warmly welcomed into the superhero community where Tony Stark acts as her mentor and ally by providing her with equal amounts of technology and advice. Through her connection with Stark, Riri quickly becomes friends with his closest compatriots like Pepper Potts, Mary Jane Watson, and his A.I. holographic assistant, Friday. 

    With the release of ‘Ironheart’ coming closer, more will be revealed about the life and adventures of the superhero soon enough.

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