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    Jonathan Majors Avoids Jail Time, Sentenced To A Year Of Counseling And Therapy For Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend

    Jonathan Majors, known for his role as the MCU antagonist Kang, was to face a year in jail after the allegations against him. However, he dodged the jail time and is now sentenced to complete 52 weeks in a domestic violence intervention plan.

    The actor was found guilty by the jury of assaulting his girlfriend at the time, Grace Jabbari. She told the court she was left with a fractured finger, bruising, and a cut behind her ear and was constantly in excruciating pain during recovery from the wounds.

    He was convicted of third-degree assault and second-degree harassment. Before the accusations, Majors was set to be an established name as an actor. This was because he was cast as Kang who would be appearing in many movies. 

    However, as soon as he was found guilty Marvel dropped him from the movies. Justice Michael Gaffy sentenced Jonathan after both parties agreed that the charges did not warrant jail time. Moreover, Majors had said that he was shocked at the guilty verdict.

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    Can Jonathan Majors Come Back As Kang After The Verdict?

    Jonathan Majors
    Jonathan Majors

    Due to Jonathan Majors’s jail time being out of the question a lot of people are questioning whether the actor would be back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the famous antagonist Kang. However, as the actor still remains guilty despite not facing jail time it’s unlikely to happen.

    However, fans think that Marvel “blew it” with their decision. They had previously stated that they would not be taking Majors back. However, with the recent news fans are comparing the whole ordeal to the Johnny Depp and Disney situation. Additionally, a lot of people are happy about Majors not facing jail time.

    It remains to be seen what Marvel decides, but for now, Majors can turn his life around by watching his behavior and complying to the terms of his sentence.

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