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    Marvel Studios Renews ‘Hawkeye’ For Second Season Which Is Set To Explore The Story Of A New Character

    Marvel Studios started the era of MCU TV series in 2021. They released 4 TV series that year and let fans know that Marvel was on its way to ruling the streaming world too. Among these series, only ‘Loki’ got a season 2. But it is now reported that 2021’s Hawkeye is also renewed for season 2.

    The first season of ‘Hawkeye’ features Jeremy Renner’s Bart Clinton fighting his old demons when he was cleansing the city as Ronin. It also introduced his apprentice Kate Bishop to the MCU.

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    ‘Hawkeye’ Season 2 Will Focus On Clint’s Brother Barney

    Hailee Steinfeld And Jeremy Renner Hawkeye
    Hailee Steinfeld And Jeremy Renner in ‘Hawkeye’ (Image via FIrstCuriosity)

    Popular Marvel scooper MyTimeToShineHello recently reported that Marvel has renewed ‘Hawkeye’ for another season. He also gave some details on what to expect in the S2. MTTSH revealed that the show will introduce Clint’s older brother Charles Barton better known as Barney Barton.

    The season finale was presumed as the series finale by many fans. They were not expecting the S2 for ‘Hawkeye’, but apparently fans are getting one. Marvel has not announced it as of now but it can be one of the announcements in the upcoming D23. Both Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner will reprise their respective roles.

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    Who Is Barny Barton, Hawkeye’s Elder Brother And Antagonist?

    Barney Barton
    Barney Barton (Image via Marvel Comics)

    Barney Barton was introduced to the Marvel Universe with ‘Avengers #64‘. Both brothers used to work at Carson Carnival of Travelling Wonder as roustabout after losing their parents. However, Barney wanted to do something big and asked Clint from Carson Carnival of Travelling Wonder.

    Clint didn’t show up at the bus station and Barney left his old life behind. He later joins the FBI. During an undercover assignment, he got severely injured and was presumed dead by his younger brother. However, HYDRA took the body and manipulated him to turn on Clint.

    Trickshot, who taught Clint Barton to use bow and arrow, trained Barney to take on Hawkeye. He later on also joined Norman Osborn-led Dark Avengers. Years after fighting each other, both brothers reconciled.

    His addition to MCU will be very interesting to see. Since season 2, reportedly, will primarily focus on Barney, Marvel can explore his origin story with a new take. He can be a good transitional villain for Kate and Clint and can turn good later. Fans have to wait for more details.

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