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    ‘X-Men ’97’ Episode 10: Season 1 Comes To An End With X-Men Saving The Day

    ‘X-Men’97’ season 1 finally comes to an end with a remarkable 3-episode long season finale. The 2nd last episode of the season ended with the fan’s beloved team on the back foot. The last episode was the story of how they bounced back and saved humanity and themselves from Bastion, and Mr Sinister.

    The season finale had so many layers and subplots and creators did a commendable job inc closing them in the end. In addition, it also gives fans a sneak peek at what to expect in the next season of ‘X-Men ’97’.

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    Pheonix Rises To Put An End To Mr Sinister’s Control, Bastion Is Gone For Good And Magneto Saves Humanity

    Magneto, Bastion, Mr Sinister in 'X-Men '97'
    Magneto, Bastion, and Mr Sinister in’X-Men ’97’ (Image via FIrstCuriosity)

    The episode starts with a flashback of Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr sitting in a bar. However, soon it gets revealed that this was Professor X trying to convince Magneto to reverse his EMP effects. Professor X tells him that if he doesn’t do so, the Professor will take over his psyche and do it which he eventually does. He reverses the effect of EMP attack however shatters Magnus’ psyche.

    On the Earth, in the last episode, Cable apparently kills Jean Grey and her body is resting at the bottom of the lake. Mr Sinister and Bastion have all the members of the team gold in his grasp. As both start torturing Cable, Pheonix rises from the lake and puts the power-dampening device on Bastion’s head to free all the Prime Sentinels. She then pulls out all the DNA Mr Sinister stole to leave him all ugly old.

    However, it just upsets Bastion more and he tears Cable’s arm off to evolve into a more powerful creature. He flies off to bring down the Astroid M where other members of the X-Men are trying to save Wolverine, Professor X and Magneto.

    Bastion arrives and mayhem at the asteroid starts with Rogue just landing hayemakers on him. Cyclops also showcases his full force but it isn’t enough. The Gold team arrives in a Sentinel which Beast and Forge re-programs. They show Bastion mercy to end the war, however meanwhile, the UN activates the Magneto Protocols to destroy Astroid M, resulting in Bastion getting launched into space.

    The Magneto Protocol fails as it doesn’t destroy the Astroid M but makes it fall on Earth. While everything was going on, Professor X was trying to repair Magneto’s Psyche. Beast comes with a plan to destroy the Astroid and avoid what happened to dinosaurs. All X-Men tried their best however it wasn’t enough. At the right time, Magneto wakes up and helps to avoid Astroid M from hitting Earth saving billions.

    ‘X-Men ’97’ Ending And Post Credit Scene Sets Up Season 2

    X-Men '97
    ‘X-Men ’97’ (Image via FirstCuriosity)

    As Magneto saves the Earth from Astroid M, it just vaporizes in space. Everyone on the Earth including Forge presumes all the X-Men are gone. He starts assembling a new mutant team. 6 months after the event, Bishop arrives and tells Forge that all X-Men members are still alive, however, scattered at different times.

    Rogue, Nightcrawler, Beast, Professor X, and Magneto find themselves in Egypt but in 3000 BC. They meet a rather young En Sabah Nur who fans know as X-Men’s antagonist Apocalypse. Sabah Nur is rather in a more human-like form and has not transformed into his big blue form.

    On the other hand, Jean Grey and Cyclops are sent into the future in 3960 AD. There they meet Mother Askani (their daughter Rachel Summers from an alternate future) and their young son Nathan. In episode 3, Madelyne Pryor and Cyclops decided to send him to the future with Bishop.

    But, the post-credit scene was much nuttier. Apocalypse appears on the destroyed Genosha in the present time. He digs up a playing card hinting at the resurgence of Gambit.

    The episode doesn’t reveal the whereabouts of Wolverine, Morph, and Storm. Wolverine, the whole time was on the bed fighting for his life after Magneto removed Admantinum from his skeleton.

    “Tolerance Is Extinction” Part 3 Ending And Post-Credit Scene Explained

    It is believed that the Apocalypse was the main reason for the scattering of heroes in different timelines. It seems like the creators are packing a new Age Of Apocalypse storyline.

    Gambit from the current time will surely join Apocalypse as his new Horseman. Forge along with Bishop will recruit more mutants for the new X-Men. It will be interesting which new mutants will join this faction. Colossus, Psylocke, Exodus, Dust, etc, can join the team.

    Now in 3960 AD, Mother Askani/Rachel Summers heads the rebellion group against Apocalypse in the future. Both Jean and Cyclops will spend time with young Nathan. After many years, he had resentment against Cyclops and Jean sending him away. Now they can fix this.

    Professor X, Magneto, Jubilee, Rogue, and Nightcrawler will spend some time with young En Sabh Nur. These X-Men might try to change the timeline and stop Sabh Nur from evolving into the deadly Apocalypse.

    All these plots will eventually come together with X-Men trying to stop the “First Mutant Of The Universe.”

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    ‘X-men ’97’ Season Finale Is Filled With Cameos

    Iron Man, Doctor Strange Captain America Black Panther Peter Parker
    Iron Man, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Peter Parker (Image via FIrstCuriosity)

    Throughout Season 1 of ‘X-Men ’97’ fans were looking for easter eggs and cameos from the other Marvel characters. The season finale gives fans what they all need. When Professor X reverses the effects of the EMP attack by Magneto, the cut scenes show multiple characters.

    First, fans get to see the Avengers members Iron Man and Captain America with President Kelly. In the next cut, Wolverine’s nemesis Silver Samurai was seen standing tall on a building in Tokyo. After that, in the “Devil Of Hell’s Kitchen”, Daredevil was shown fighting criminals. Dr Strange also makes an appearance while operating in the hospital.

    When Bastion unleashed his Prime Sentinels against humans too, they went to Wakanda and met the glorious king Black Panther and Dora Milaje. They also attacked Crimson Dynamo (a Russian villain who fought Iron Man in comics), powerful mutant Omega Red and DarkStar. Canada’s Alpha Flight, led by Psylocke, also fights Prime Sentinels. Some unexpected characters, Cloak and Dagger also make an appearance.

    In addition to these, while Professor X is trying to bring back Magneto’s psyche, they both see Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Polaris. They are Magneto’s canonical children in the comics.

    While fighting Bastion, Morphs transforms into Mr Fantastic. However, the one cameo that makes fans jump out of their seat is the appearance of Peter Parker, Mary Jane and Flash Thompson from the 1994’s ‘Spider-Man: Animated Series’.

    It was a great season and revival of the beloved ‘X-Men: The Animated Series’. Fans are now eagerly waiting for the announcement of season 2.

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