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    ‘X-Men ’97’ Season 1 Finale Resolves 26 Years Old Spider-Man Animated Series Cliffhanger

    Marvel Studios did a commendable job with ‘X-Men ’97’. The final episode of the series has taken this show to a whole different level. Fans appreciate what Marvel “cooked’ and are demanding more.

    The 3-episode finale did justice to the series and made fans tune in every week. All three episodes featured cameos that made fans gasp. From Spider-Man from 1994’s ‘Spider-Man: Animated Series’ to Avengers, everyone made an appearance throughout the finale.

    However, in the last moment of the “series “Tolerance Is Extinction” part 3, fans saw Peter Parker along with Flash Thompson and Mary Jane from the 1994 series universe resolving a plot point.

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    ‘X-Men ’97’ Reveals 1994 ‘Spider-Man: Animated Series’ Peter Parker Did Find Mary Jane

    Spider-man: Animated Series 'X-Men '97'
    Spider-man: Animated Series

    In season 3 of ‘Spider-Man: Animated Series’, Peter Parker’s love interest Mary Jane falls into an interdimensional portal however, she comes back later on the show. But the twist here was the MJ that came back was just a clone created by Miles Warren.

    In the finale episode of the series, “Chapter II: Farewell, Spider-Man”, Peter Parker gets to know that his Mary Jane is alive but is lost in the multiverse. He then goes with Madame Web to find her and the episode ends there. Fans didn’t get to know if Peter found MJ or not.

    However, thanks to ‘X-Men ’97’, it is confirmed that Spidey has found Mary Jane in the multiverse, and they are together. The head Writer of ‘X-Men ’97’ also confirmed this. He took it to X and said, “Yes, Peter Parker found MJ.”

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    Demand For ‘Spider-Man ’98’ Skyrockets After The Easter Egg

    Spider-man: Animated Series
    Spider-man: Animated Series (Image via Fox Kids)

    After getting the 2 easter eggs of ‘Spider-Man: Animated Series’ in just 2 episodes, fans are hammering the door of Marvel Studios to give them ‘Spider-Man ’98’. After resolving this 26-year-old cliffhanger, fans just want to know more about Peter and Mary Jane and want to see the OG Spidey back.

    Many fans are suggesting that they can address how Spider-Man finds Mary Jane in the multiverse. This story was supposed to be covered in the subsequent seasons however the show was axed due to lack of funding. It is also reported that they planned to do a “Secret Wars” story.

    A Spider-Man animated show, ‘Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man’, has already been revealed by Marvel Studios. However, many fans are saying they want the continuation of ’94’s Spider-Man series rather than this new take.

    With the blissful revival of ‘X-Men: The Animated Series‘, the voices for ‘Spider-man ’98’ will not go down. The show has a special place in the hearts of many webslinger’s fans. Marvel is surely listening to these calls and will address them.

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