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    “Money Doesn’t Matter”: Francis Ford Coppola Defends Self-Financed $120 Million Passion Project Of 40 Years ‘Megalopolis’

    Francis Ford Coppola‘s new movie Megalopolis recently premiered at the Cannes Festival. And with the movie getting the limelight, the director is also getting attention for putting in 40 years into it.

    He used to smoke marijuana on the sets of ‘Megalopolis’and his crew members even used to question his movie-making abilities. And now the insane part is, he self-financed his movie with over a budget of $120 million, which isn’t concerning to him.

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    Francis Ford Coppola Spent His Own Money On ‘Megalopolis’ After Studio Backed Out

    Francis Ford Coppola
    Francis Ford Coppola during his young days

    ‘Megalopolis‘ seems like a very dedicated project for Francis. The 85-year-old director has invested a lot of his efforts and money in the making of the movie. He invested around $120 million in this project which almost made him broke. He was asked questions related to his money during the press conference at Cannes.

    Francis Ford Coppola said, “One of the reasons why I’ve had the line of credit that I did to be able to do this is because in 2008—you remember that financial crisis—I borrowed in those days $20 million to build a winery [where] children could do something while their parents were drinking the wine”.

    He explained one of his grandchildren introduced him to the wine business. The director added, “This absurd risk of $20 million created a place that now every winery tries to duplicate.” Coppola took the money from that. He said, “So I just took the money from that, that I wouldn’t have had had I not taken the risk, and I put the risk into [Megalopolis]“.

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    Francis Ford Coppola’s Focus Is On His Legacy

    Francis Ford Coppola
    Francis Ford Coppola

    Furthermore, Coppola added that he isn’t worried about financial issues in his family. His children are doing well enough to sustain themselves. He said, “So I have no problems with the financial… also, another thing, my children, without exception, Sofia, Roman, they have wonderful careers without a fortune, they don’t need a fortune.”

    Money isn’t a big thing for him. He doesn’t consider it to be a concern. The director continues, “So no matter what happens… we’re fine, It doesn’t matter. You know, all of you, the money doesn’t matter. What’s important are friends.”

    He concluded by saying, “When I die, I won’t notice it.” Earlier Francis was also accused in assault of scantily clad, who is actress in ‘Megalopolis’, during her night club scenes.

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