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    “He Wouldn’t Talk To Anybody, Was Often Smoking Marijuana”: Francis Ford Coppola Reportedly Smoked Weed And Remain Shut In His Trailer For Hours On ‘Megalopolis’ Set

    Francis Ford Coppola is a dedicated director which is reflected through his work and the art he presents on the big screen. He spent $120 million of his own money on his sci-fi movie ‘Megalopolis.

    The movie is going to be premiered at the Cannes Festival this Friday. The cast members of ‘Megalopolis’ talked about their experience while making the movie and they revealed that Coppola used to smoke weed alone in his trailer and they used to spend hours doing nothing on the set.

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    Francis Ford Coppola Smoked Marijuana Alone In His Trailer During ‘The ‘Megalopolis’ Shoot

    Francis Ford Coppolo
    Francis Ford Coppola

    The cast members of ‘Megalopolis‘ had an interview with The Guardian where they talked about their different experiences while filming the movie. Some found director Francis Ford Coppola’s ways of movie-making weird, some exasperating and even weird. But what is stranger is that Coppola used to smoke while shooting the movie for hours in his trailer and the cast would stand and wait for hours.

    A crew member recalls, “He would often show up in the mornings before these big sequences and because no plan had been put in place, and because he wouldn’t allow his collaborators to put a plan in place, he would often just sit in his trailer for hours on end, wouldn’t talk to anybody, was often smoking marijuana.”

    They used to wait for hours without getting anything filmed. Moreover, the director used to make no sense while talking after coming back from his trailer. he didn’t follow any script and the cast members had to work with whatever he had delivered to them.

    Further, the crew members continued, “And then he’d come out and whip up something that didn’t make sense, and that didn’t follow anything anybody had spoken about or anything that was on the page, and we’d all just go along with it, trying to make the best out of it.”

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    “Has This Guy Ever Made A Movie Before?”: Crew Members The Ace Director

    Francis Ford Coppola

    Francis Ford Coppola is something else. He was so busy with his stuff while filming the movie and never followed a script. A crew member further added, “But pretty much every day, we’d just walk away shaking our heads wondering what we’d just spent the last 12 hours doing.”  

    A third crew member shared their experience: “This sounds crazy to say, but there were times when we were all standing around going: ‘Has this guy ever made a movie before?’” Moreover, they used to work on interesting designs regarding the film but never settled on one, and every day it was a new and different idea.

    When the crew members used to ask Francis about the vision of the movie, he would reply: “How can you figure out what Megalopolis looks like when I don’t even know what Megalopolis looks like?” The filmmaking abilities of Francis Ford Coppola shouldn’t be questioned. He has produced some great works including The Godfather’ and ‘Apocalypse Now.’ 

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