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    Does Taylor Swift Smoke Weed?

    In Hollywood, many artists turn to recreational drugs to boost creativity or to relax in between their maddening schedules and trials of fame. Taylor Swift, who is living her best life, has been questioned about living a ‘high’ life. It was on July 11, 2023 when she attended a private Uno game organized by Questlove in New York City and had a good interaction with Bun B, and the event grabbed a lot of attention as there was food infused with cannabis.

    The event raised questions if Swift has smoked weed in her life. The claims are expected as there have been instances where celebrities have been spotted smoking weed.

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    Is Taylor Swift Into Weed?

    Taylor Swift and Bun B
    Taylor Swift’s connection to Bun B raised weed concerns

    Bun B has been a fan of Taylor Swift over the years. But the duo’s meeting is also being loved by the netizens on social media. Meanwhile, the rapper is also questioning if he is the only fan of Swift until now. Bun also took to social media to share his entire experience and posted a picture where both of them were seen shaking hands and Swift was smiling at the time.

    He wrote in the caption that he received a call in the middle of the night to meet someone at the Uno game. He added: “Turns out its @questlove part with food from cannabis chef/educator @thechefnikki which was amazing. Quest calls [Joseph Patel], who I hadn’t seen in years.”

    While Bun was leaving the spot, Patel told him that he needs to click a picture of him with Swift. Bun compared the experience to his meeting with Queen Bey and Barack Obama in the past.

    This led to fans speculating about Taylor Swift’s fondness for weed.

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    Taylor Swift Has Denied Smoking Weed

    Taylor Swift
    Taylor and Bun B had a wonderful interaction at an event

    The connection between Taylor Swift and weed is yet to be found but there have been no such instances until now. However, she once stated that she has never smoked marijuana since it could damage her vocal cords.

    Swift’s single ‘Paper Rings’ was also a reference to marijuana but the lyrics did not hint that Swift had a habit of smoking weed. She has also denied smoking claims a long time back. Her album ‘Reputation’ was also a reference to alcohol and this also led fans to believe that she possibly had a habit of smoking and drinking.

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