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    Elon Musk Once Wanted To Entrust His Wealth To A Pro-Gambler Who Smoked Pot

    Elon Musk has been in the news lately for his billion-dollar legal battle with Twitter after he backed out of the deal. The social media giant recently sued him and the trial is set to take place.

    Before this, another fight took place over how his charitable giving should be managed after Musk wanted to entrust the charitable distribution of his wealth to a former pro gambler with no experience in philanthropy.

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    Musk Wanted To Give His Charitable Distribution To A Pro Gambler

    Elon Musk
    What do the fans think on the Elon Musk matter?

    According to an article published by The Wall Street Journal, the Tesla CEO relied on advice from 34-year-old Igor Kurganov, a self-described college dropout who had a multimillion-dollar career in professional gambling.

    The two have parted ways but earlier Musk had close contact with him. The SpaceX founder had also given him a job at his charitable foundation and pledged him over $5 billion to invest in charitable ends.

    But this irked Jared Birchall, the 48-year-old wealth manager of Musk and the one who leads Neuralink. Birchall knew about how Igor used to smoke a lot of pot and that caused him to drop out of college.

    When the business tycoon told Jared to take over his $230 billion fortune and head the charitable foundation, he said. “Elon, you can’t.”

    Igor advised Musk for nearly six years but didn’t take control of Musk’s fortune. He is also an angel investor and philanthropist. He is the co-founder of ‘Raising for Effective Giving,’ a philanthropic organization.

    Musk Supports DMCA For Revoking Disney’s Rights On Mickey Mouse

    Elon Musk Is In support of Disney losing Mickey Mouse
    Elon Musk Is In support of Disney losing Mickey Mouse

    Musk recently took to Twitter to share his views on DMCA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act). He supported limiting the ownership rights of original works and content, and a moment of rejoicing over the copyright expiration of mickey mouse from Disney.

    On May 13, Musk tweeted an article talking about Senator Josh Hawley’s bill which could strip Disney of special copyright protections. He wrote: “Current copyright law in general goes absurdly far beyond protecting the original creator.” In the follow-up tweet, he calls the DMCA “overzealous” and “a plague on humanity.”

    Hawley introduced a bill that plans at decreasing the term of protection for original works from 95 years to a maximum of 56 years.

    On 5th July, Musk again tweeted only two but powerful words sharing an article on how Mickey Mouse might go into the public domain soon. He tweeted: “It’s time.”

    If the bill is passed, the iconic character of Mickey Mouse will go public and will be free to use. Earlier, companies and individuals had to pay royalties to Disney to use the character.

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