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    ‘Silk: Spider Society’ TV Series Gets Scrapped By Amazon, ‘Shang Chi’ Star Simu Liu Says He Is “Really Gutted”

    In 2022, Sony unveiled the Spider-Verse live-action series, ‘Silk: Spider Society’ for Amazon Prime Video and MGM+. A few days earlier, Amazon’s Upfront also revealed the ‘Spider-Man Noir’ starring Nicolas Cage to be the next addition to this Sony-Prime Video partnership.

    However, it is revealed that ‘Silk: Spider Society’ will not be coming to Amazon Prime Video now. It is reported that the decision was taken a few days ago. The show has been in development since 2019 but has faced many issues.

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    Sony Pictures Is Putting Up ‘Silk: Spider Society’ To Other Platforms, Simu Liu Reacts To The Decision

    Silk (Image via Marvel Comics)

    The project has been in development since 2020. Later in 2021, Amazon struck a deal with Tom Spezialy and a year later the project was officially revealed with Angela Kang as the writer.

    ‘Silk: Spider Society’ faced some obstacles throughout its production. It has been that the show has been overhauled multiple times. The executives had requested writers to make sure that the show doesn’t heavily focus on Silk.

    Last year’s SAG-AFTRA strike also heavily dented the show’s production. Earlier this year, all the writers of the show were also fired. However, the ‘Silk: Spider Society’ is not dead yet. Sony is now looking to shop the series to other streaming platforms.

    MCU ‘Shang Chi’ star Simu Liu also reacted to this sad news and seemed very upset with it. He took it to X and said, “Really gutted that Silk: Spider Society isn’t moving forward at Amazon. Don’t know any details of what went on in the development process, but as a fan, I was extremely excited for the world to see Cindy Moon in action.”

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    Sony’s Other Female-Led Spider-Verse Project In Trouble

    Dakota Johnson
    Dakota Johnson in ‘Madame Web’ (Image via FirstCuriosity)

    Earlier this year, Sony’s Madame Web already was a big disappointment. Now, another live-action female Spidey project is suffering. There are some speculations going on that Disney+ might land this show for their platform.

    Currently, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man doesn’t have any allies after his recent fate. She can be a fresh addition to his team from the multiverse. Marvel doesn’t need to incorporate her into the franchise but can save her for later and let her do her own thing in the series.

    Sony has worked very hard on bringing Silk into live-action media thus they will not back down easily. Netflix can also be a good home for this series as they have a decent past with Marvel-related projects.

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