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    Wesley Snipes To Appear As Blade In ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’, Fans Are Unhappy Over His Abusive Past With ‘Storm’ Actress Halle Berry 

    News of Wesley Snipes potentially reprising his iconic Blade role in the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine has sent a wave of excitement through comic book movie fans. Snipes’ portrayal of the vampire hunter in the early 2000s was a defining moment for the genre.

    The prospect of his return alongside Ryan Reynolds‘ wisecracking Deadpool is a recipe for box office gold. However, this buzz has been met with a lot of criticism too. Some due to resurfaced allegations of Snipes’ abusive behavior towards Halle Berry.

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    Wesley Snipes Reprising His Role As Blade In ‘Deadpool And Wolverine’ Divides Audience 

    Wesley Snipe as Blade
    Wesley Snipe as Blade

    Fans who grew up with Snipes’ Blade are ecstatic about the news. ‘Deadpool 3’ is being looked at as Marvel’s comeback and Snipe’s return is only adding to the anticipation. His charisma and physicality brought a gravitas to the character that resonated with audiences. 

    The potential for comedic clashes between the stoic Blade and the ever-quipping Deadpool has some fans grinning from ear to ear. But this excitement is tempered by the seriousness of the allegations against Snipes. 

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    What Happened Between Halle Berry And Wesley Snipes?

    Wesley Snipe and Halle Berry
    Wesley Snipe and Halle Berry

    Berry has spoken out about an incident during filming where Snipes’ actions resulted in permanent hearing damage for her. However, the details surrounding Halle Berry and Wesley Snipes remain murky. 

    Additionally, she never named the person, and rumors point to Snipes. This has left a lasting scar and hangs over his casting in recent films. The question remains: will audiences be able to separate the art from the artist? Hollywood has a long history of giving actors a second chance, especially for commercially successful projects

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