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    Where Did Marvel And DC Go Wrong With Their Superhero Films In 2022 And 2023?

    Marvel and DC are two such franchises that have witnessed a rise in their fanbase over the years. It cannot be ignored that both franchises have attempted to compete with each other in terms of content and the verdict for this competition cannot be finalized as both of them had their own ups and downs over the years.

    When audiences enter the theatre to watch such films, they have an expectation in terms of storyline considering that they have been following the comic books for a long time. But the unfaithfulness towards the source material and designing of certain characters have contributed towards the failure of a few projects. The latest example is the MCU Phase 4 and 5, and the last few projects of DCEU.

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    Where Did Marvel And DC Go Wrong With The Superhero Films?

    1. Frequent Debut Of New Superheroes

    Marvel and DC is falling short in terms of storyline

    Marvel and DC have introduced many superheroes in the last few years. Audiences are yet to witness the conclusion of the current characters that have become popular following the debut of MCU and DCEU. But when a new character suddenly makes his or her debut, audiences find it hard to accept them in a short span. The lack of a proper storyline contributes to the project’s failure.

    2. Lack Of An Impressive Storyline

    Marvel and DC needs to take a break for some time

    Every film and TV show needs a proper storyline to attract viewers. It is that one thing where audiences can find something engaging to sit and enjoy until the end. But in the latest projects produced and released by both franchises, the storylines have been routine and they are something that has been witnessed thousand times in other films and TV shows in the past.

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    3. Underwhelming Villains

    Both the franchises are releasing multiple films every year

    The confrontation between a superhero and a supervillain is something that looks thrilling on the big screen. It becomes more attractive with the best visual effects. But these things are useless if the villain is not designed in a way that they can strike fear among the audience. This is one of the primary reasons why films like Justice League‘, ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ and ‘Ant-Man 3’ failed.

    4. Less Faithfulness To Source Material

    The latest projects have not received a positive response from critics and audience

    When a project is inspired by a comic book, it is important that the characters should be created exactly the way they have been printed on the pages. But the producers take the wrong way by following cinematic liberty and they add their own creativity, which has been frequently slammed by the public over the years.

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    Anupal Sraban Neog
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