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    Which Character Will Emilia Clarke Play in Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’?

    The British actress Emilia Clarke has made all her characters memorable for her fans. And yet again she’s here to make another memorable performance in the Marvel universe. The Dragon Queen was seen shooting with guns in a black jacket in the new Marvel series and henceforth the fans have gone wild. Speculations are moving around about her character, which hopefully would be answered soon.

    With D23 Expo 2022, the fans have got a glance into the Phase 5 entries of the Marvel Studios, with the opening one being the Disney+ miniseries, ‘Secret Invasion‘ coming in Spring 2023. The amazing cast of the series has already promised the show, an ardent set of viewers. Alongside Ben Mendelsohn, Samuel L. Jackson, and Olivia Coleman, Emilia Clarke has shared her excitement about entering the Marvel universe. But what role will the actress play? Here are some of the speculations.

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    Which Character Will Emilia Clarke Play In The MCU?

    The Secret Invasion
    The Secret Invasion

    The rumors and reports say that the ‘Game of Thrones‘ star would be playing the role of Skrull G’iah. If then she would be one of the good Skrulls who would finally join Fury to help the Earth survive against the invading shapeshifters. There are also talks about Emilia having a couple of characters to be performed in the upcoming series. The stories a couple of months ago said that the ‘You Before Me‘ fame would be playing Veranke or Abigail Brand. The actress had always been enthusiastic about being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and she has not been able to contain her happiness about the new developments.

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    The Actress Is AMarvel Fangirl’

    Emilia Clarke
    Emilia Clarke

    The diehard Marvel fan shared the first trailer of the movie, ‘Secret Invasion‘ expressing her shock and bliss. “Jeeeze Louise, Marvel let me into their world…Their world that includes SAMUEL L FREAKING JACKSON! OLIVIA COLEMAN! BEN MENDELSOHN! Can’t believe they let me and my star-struckness near this much talent, I also can’t believe I managed to get words out without dissolving into a fangurl. But here we are, and I really think you’re gonna like it… I sure do.” This is how excited Clarke shared with the world that she was becoming a part of the Marvel universe. Surely, the immensely talented and hardworking Clarke would nail her upcoming performance.

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