Who Is Marvel’s Bashenga, The First Ever Black Panther?

The Black Panther we know today in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is T’Challa. but he wasn’t the first. Who was the first to step into the role of Wakanda’s protector? Black Panther is certainly one of the most well-known heroes in the Marvel world and also among the earliest characters. Fans were thrilled to see him finally enter the MCU in 2016.

After making his film debut as the mystical T’Challa in ‘Captain America: Civil War‘, Chadwick Boseman went on to play the lead character in ‘Black Panther‘ in 2018. Though, the Spirit World also talked about who had the title before him, so he wasn’t the only Black Panther in the film. So, who was the first Black Panther? Here’s everything you need to know about Bashenga.

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Who Was Bashenga? How Did He Unite Wakanda?

The Black Panther moniker has a long history, with the first person to wear it emerging to unite Wakanda in the dim past. The new film provides a little more information about this character, whose lineage is still present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe today, but it only does so briefly.

Bashenga, a warrior who was born about 7984 BC, emerged as the first Black Panther to serve as Wakanda’s protector. While Bashenga was a more spiritual shaman, Wakanda would eventually become famed for its technological advancement. The Wakanda people were divided at this time. They were fighting among themselves in several tribes over possession of the foreign vibranium alloy. The goddess Bast sent Bashenga a vision to put an end to this slaughter. She guided him to discover the enigmatic heart-shaped plant and empowered him as his ancestors would.

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What Were Bashenga’s Powers And Abilities?

Bashenga’s physical characteristics were considerably improved after ingesting the heart-shaped herb, reaching levels akin to a super soldier. These abilities continue for a long time, at least until the person drinks a serum that eliminates the herb’s abilities. He possessed abilities that went beyond what was humanly possible and into the early stages of superhumanity, giving him extraordinary strength. He was also really tough.

Bashenga was capable of traveling at rates that were higher than the human speed limit and bordered on the prehuman realm. He had exceptional agility. He had greater endurance and lung capacity than a typical human. Since his body had removed the excess buildup of chemicals that cause exhaustion in his muscles.

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Bashenga, as the King of Wakanda, was a master of martial arts and one of Wakanda’s greatest soldiers. He also exercised significant political influence over his country and the Wakandan citizens. All but one of Wakanda’s tribes were brought together under his rule. It formed a confederation that lasted for thousands of years.

The members of the Golden Tribe, which includes T’Challa, his parents T’Chaka and Ramonda, his sister Shuri, and his son T’Challa II, are Bashenga’s heirs and descendants. Ramonda was only “related” to the original Black Panther by marriage, but this establishes a clear connection between the previous and present Black Panthers. Therefore, T’Chaka is a Bashenga descendant.

Black Panther has been an inherited title since Bashenga’s reign. Those who want to protect Wakanda must also earn the right to do so. Thus, when Toussaint, T’Challas’ son, becomes an adult, he will be entitled to claim the title as his own, but only after having earned it legitimately. If this happened, it would mean that Bashenga’s descendants would continue to hold the title of Black Panther.

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